Go Skateboarding When Corona Virus

Today I tried to go to skateboard when the corona virus. Yeah, I know that the world is sick now.

Go Skateboarding When Corona Virus

Honestly, I also feel afraid to go out. But I try to be brave and not hang out with strangers.

At 4 pm my friend came to my house. We go to the place about 20 minutes by bicycle.

My city is very sad, unlike other cities in Indonesia.

There is no playground for young people like skateboard parks, BMX or anything else. Even though a sports center is available. However, it is only for running.

It’s all about hanging out, where people go to dinner or spend their money.

We try to play in campus with improvised equipment. Not long after, I just tried pushing my board only 2 times.

A security approached us to leave that we weren’t a student on this campus. Oh man!

The beginning of this story happened was that a driver who was arrogant didn’t get out of his car and he waved to us and ask something.

He said “why did the tent collapse?”

One of us answered “we don’t know, yesterday the position of the tent collapsed.”

Finally, we moved to the hero’s tomb.

Here we only discuss. Maybe because of the incident earlier, we became less enthusiastic to play skateboarding. This annoying.

Hi There, My name is Candra Setiawan. Indonesia for me is a real paradise with crazy friendly people, you know. I’m so glad born and living in Indonesia, even though we have different ethnicities, religions, and languages. But we’re still one.