7 Items That Must Be Packed In Your Luggage Bag When Boarding An Airplane

For some people, packing before traveling is not something they have been waiting for. Many things must be prepared, especially if you are going to take it by air travel.

The journey takes up to hours of flight time. It was so much more fun imagining the trip than the packing.

Whatever the purpose of your trip, be it for a business trip, visiting family, or on vacation, packing requires planning so that your trip remains enjoyable.

Consider what items you can bring without violating the state regulations or city of destination (for example, Australia or the Netherlands prohibits tourists from bringing in raw or cooked meat) so that the possibility of items in your baggage is lost or stolen.

Moreover, the possibility of separate baggage generally occurs on flights with transit. This is a traveler’s nightmare.

So, packing shouldn’t be considered insignificant, especially what you have to prepare in a carry-on bag or the bag that you will bring to the cabin later.

1. Document

All important travel-related documents such as passports, identification cards, airline tickets, proof of booking accommodation tickets, travel insurance, and others must always be with you.

Even though digital formats stored on smartphones are now acceptable, there’s nothing wrong with printing out some of these documents and taking them with you at all times.

2. Toiletries

Not all airlines provide complete toiletries on board. So, prepare a small pouch containing a brush and toothpaste.

The dry air in the airplane cabin also certainly makes your skin need extra care. For women’s, you can add lip balm, facial wash, toner, and moisturizer into the pouch.

Don’t forget that everything in the form of liquid cannot be more than 100ml.

3. Clothes for two days

Losing luggage is something that no one wants. We have to anticipate rather than having to buy new clothes.

It would be better to pack two sets of clothes and underwear for two days in your carry-on bag.

This may be an estimate of how long it will take the airline to find and return your baggage bag.

4. Electronic stuff

Not only smartphones that you have to carry with you, electronic stuff such as laptops, tablet PCs, Kindles, cameras, power banks, and others must also be kept in your carry-on bag.

This is useful to avoiding theft. Items with batteries are prohibited from being stored in luggage bags.

Don’t forget, in addition to take-off and landing. You are allowed to use these items as long as you don’t activate an internet connection.

5. Personal medicine

Although, medicines for passengers are available on the plane.

Especially if you have certain drug allergies or special needs, please keep the medicines you need in your bag.

6. Folding drinking bottle

The prohibition of bringing in liquids over 100ml into boarding rooms and aircraft also applies to drinking water.

You can stay hydrated by bringing a foldable water bottle, and then you can fill it with free drinking water available at the airport. It’s more economical than buying a drinking bottle, right?

7. Valuables

Avoid storing valuables such as jewelry or watches in the luggage bag. Take these items with you to avoid theft.

This also applies to cash. In the past, we had to carry large amounts of foreign currency for trips abroad with long durations. Now, a debit card can solve that.


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