batu karas beach
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Batu Karas Beach is The Best Place to Learn to Surf

Batu Karas Beach is a tourist attraction on the south coast of Java. This is a natural combination of Pangandaran Beach and Batu Hiu Beach.

Black sand beach that facing directly into the Indian Ocean with calm natural life and one of the perfect places for a vacation in West Java Island, Indonesia.

Located in Batu Karas village, Cijulang sub-district, Pangandaran district, West Java Province, Indonesia. From Green Canyon about 12 km and 34 km from Pangandaran Beach.

A quiet place is the main destination of your vacation when compared to Pangandaran Beach.

batu karas beach

 For surfing lovers, this beach is a paradise for you because it is the best surfing spot on Java Island. Surfing is almost the same as Bali, so it’s no wonder that this beach is called Small Bali.

Batu Karas is the most flat beach which also has a small bay, so surfers don’t have to paddle too far to reach the wave starting point.

There are three surfing spots commonly known among surfers, Karang, Legok Pari and Bulak Bendak. Legok Pari is the most favorite surfing spot for beginners because it is safe and the waves are not too high.

For professional surfers to choose Bulak Bendak as their favorite spot, the ocean waves create a long, tall wall.  

  The dry season is the perfect season for to visit Batu Karas Beach.

Things to do in Batu Karas Beach

Things to do in Batukaras Beach like Jet ski, Banana Boat, Donuts Boat, surround fishing village.

You can also canoeing in Mangrove Forest Nusawiru, skydiving in Nusawiru Airport, body rafting in Green Canyon Pangandaran and Citumang or take a boat trip to Karang Nunggal Beach.

A beach that is adorn with various types of coral reefs and rocks with beautiful natural scenery.  

batu karas beach

How to get to Batu Karas Beach

1.From Bandung to Batu Karas, take Budiman bus destionation Bandung to Pangandaran. Travel time is 4 hours and good road conditions.

2.From Jakarta you can directly flight to Pangandaran Airport or use Budiman bus.

3.There are Bandung flights to Pangandaran Airport by Susi Air plane. Travel time is only 40 minutes.

If you arrive at Pangandaran station use transportation to Cijulang by using local public transport. Take a blue-coloured angkot (public minivan).

And then, take a motorcycle taxi.

The shortest way from Cijulang to Batu Karas (about 20 minutes) is via a bamboo bridge.

4. From Pangandaran to Batu Karas, you can use online transportation such as Gojek. This is a direct transportation to the destination with a one-time payment.

Along the road before arriving to Batu Karas Beach, you will see Batu Hiu Beach and Green Canyon lake.

5. All public transportation to Batu Karas from other destinations, such as Jakarta, Bandung or Yogyakarta, must first arrive at Pangandaran. The nearest railway station is in Banjar.

6. Want to be better? You can use a travel agent


Ticket Price

  • Pedestrians 1 Person Rp. 5,800
  • Motorcycle Rp. 13,500
  • Jeep Vehicle Type IDR 34,000
  • Vehicle Type Taken IDR 65,000
  • Large Passenger Vehicles IDR 93,000
  • Small Bus IDR 122,000
  • Medium Bus Rp. 186,000
  • Large Bus Rp. 307,000

Batu Karas Accommodation

In the beach area many facilities that you can use like a hotel, homestay, surfing boards rentals, free parking fee and more.

If you have more budget and want luxury, you can stay at Sunrise Batukaras Resort which is equipped with a swimming pool.

But if you have a low budget. You can choose Anik Homestay.

But the first you have to order via or Agoda. Choose the best you want.

You can also rent a house owned by a local resident.

However, I prefer to take tents and camp. Enjoying the waves hit the coral and the night breeze on my body.

I hurried to make a bonfire and I put a small fish stick into it that had been sprinkled with oyster sauce.

We tell silly stories, uh, a free glass of beer.


There are many restaurants that serve seafood and foods such as lamb rolls or western food.

But I chose to order fish by fishermen. This is great, especially if you burn it.

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