7 Best Bike Lights for Night Riding

If you have a hobby of cycling, have you taken care of your safety when cycling? Maybe suddenly accidents happen while cycling at night, so you need bike lights for night riding to be safe.

There are various products bike accessories on the market like automatic bicycle taillights or USB charging lights.

Why are bike lights for night riding important?

Many people install bicycle headlights to illuminate the road in front of them. However, they no install bicycle taillights. This condition can endanger cyclists when driving on the road.

A bicycle without a rear light is difficult for drivers to see behind it. It adds to the risk of collision. To avoid accidents, you need to install rear light to indicate your presence. It is to protect yourself.

The rear light is also not only needed when cycling at night. When the road gets foggy, rains, or enters tunnels. Therefore, it is so important to install the taillight on the bicycle. For those of you who haven’t installed a bicycle rear light, we recommend installing it immediately.

7 Best bike lights for night riding

To help you choose bike accessories lights, I will share product recommendations from various brands below.

1. Ascher USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set

This small yet bright LED bike light gives you and your family the protection you need whether cruising down a crowded paved road or enjoying the nature in the wilderness. Choose white for the front headlight or red for the rear taillight.

How to Charge

  1. Attach the micro USB cable to the Bike light’s micro USB input port
  2. Insert the other end of the cable into either an AC adapter (not included ) connected to a wall socket or an active computer USB port
  3. The LED indicator of front light will turn to be green when the front light is fully charged and the rear light has an orange hue when finished

2. Lxl Usb Rechargeable Bike Headlight and Back Light Set

Save yourself the hassle of replacing batteries every week. The bike headlight is USB rechargeable. It charges from your computer or any device with a USB port.

Come with a headlight and a tail light making your bike stand out with unmatched 360º visibility so you and your loved ones are safer in any low light conditions. You will be shocked and amazed at how bright it is!

Lxl Usb Rechargeable Bike Headlight and Back Light Set is Durable, lightweight & water-resistant.

Simple and easy to light bicycle use. You only need to change the light mode by pressing the power button. The first press is the highlight mode, the second press is the middle light mode, the third press is the low light mode, the fourth press is the SOS flashing mode, and the fifth press is the fog light mode. The sixth press is to turn off the power.

3. Vont Scope Bike Accessories Lights

Recognized as one of the most versatile and brightest led bike light sets in its category.

This road hero bike lighting combo takes pride in its power-packed 120 lumens front and 15 lumens rear lights, enough to light up your entire road or path ahead, beam up an extensive range of your surroundings, and focus on an object 1000 feet away — practically 10 times brighter than its inferior counterparts in the market.

Vont Scope Bike Light is a bicycle light installed in seconds without tools and perfect for bumpy rides. Its mounting bracket makes it sturdy enough to hold the light to accompany you during your rough rides. Outdoor Proof and can easily withstand the outdoors, rain, snow, or shine. Utilizes 3 AAA batteries that will last you up to 6 hours of non-stop illumination.

4. Victagen USB Rechargeable Bike Light is Easy to Mount Fits for Mountain Road Kids Bikes

USB rechargeable bicycle light set with 2x headlight built-in powerful 18500 batteries. No wires or external battery accessories are needed. Portable, powerful and convenient. The lifetime of 4 hours on high brightness working mode.

The bike headlight features a one-touch switch: Headlight 4 modes(High, Medium, Low, Strobe); Taillight 3 modes (High, Fast flash, Slow flash). Adjust according to your preferences.

5. Super Bright LED Lights for Your Bicycle

This reliable well-built bicycle lighting kit makes it easy to be seen by motorists. Don’t risk danger by riding in the dark. Drivers cannot see you! The flashing modes will grab their attention even in broad daylight and on any weather conditions.

The torch is made of solid aluminum. This cycling light bundle will not only keep you safe and illuminate your path it will also last longer. It is the perfect urban and mountain combo for its powerful white front light and red rear light with reflector.

6. LED Bicycle Headlight Front and Back Rear Tail Lights

Stop wasting your money on batteries. You can charge these USB bike lights front and back from any device with a USB port. The bike lights feature smart charging protection and have a runtime of up to 20 hrs on the flash mode setting.

Easy to Install for Men Women Kids Cycling Safety Flashlight.

This bike headlight has 7 brightness modes, 4 output levels of beams from low to high (Low 100LM, Middle 200LM, High 400 LM, and Ultra Bright 800 LM), 2 flash, and 1 strobe mode. Bike rear light comes with 3 modes: one steady and two flash modes. For reducing accidents, lights that are daylight visible are the most effective.

7. Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Mountain

Powerful 1600 Lumen headlight with rechargeable external battery pack will not only help you see far ahead but will MAKE you be seen. The heavy-duty design makes this light ideal for the trail or the road.

It has an Indicator light on the power button informs of battery level. High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery lasts 4+ hours on high, 6+ hours on medium, and 16+ hours on low! Extension Cable allows for the battery pack to be mounted anywhere.

Optional Head Mount and Beam Diffuser that Able to mount on the head for directional beam control and widen beam by replacing glass lens with Beam Diffuser. Aluminum Taillight that is seen from behind with the included aluminum taillight with multiple brightness and strobe options


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