Best Free Video Editing Apps on Android Smartphones For Vlogging 2021

If you want to start a vlogging hobby, you don’t need to buy a DSLR camera because you can do it vlogging with a Android smartphone camera.

They think vlogging maybe just a hobby. However, many also make vlogging a money-making job, you know!

For your video shoots to be amazing, there are several video editor applications for Andoird smartphones that you can use easily.

18 Best Android Video Editing Apps

Video results that you want to publish can use various applications on smartphones. It’s more practical to edit and faster!

Come on, see some recommendations for the best video editor application on the smartphone for free!

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere is well known as one of the most popular video editing software that you can use on a PC. And now, this video editing software comes in the form of an Android video editing application, Adobe Premiere Clip.

This video editing application made by Adobe allows you to do photo and video editing like providing effects, music, and various other features directly via your Android smartphone!

2. FilmoraGo


This one is the most popular free video editing apps on Android. After successfully editing the video, you can immediately upload it to various social media or save it in the smartphone gallery.

Good features present in this application like trimming the duration, adding themes and music. Ratio options are also available, ranging from 1: 1, 16: 9, reverse video, slow motion, adding music to adding transitions.

It’s also easy to edit. So, you can edit videos easily and quickly.

3. VideoShow


VideoShow is one of the best video editing applications on Android and available on PlayStore for free. It is easy to edit with a full range of features which is one of the reasons many users have chosen it.

You can make videos come alive by adding text, music, transitions, sound effects, and so on.

You can even do live dubbing to fill in the video! There are also more than 50 kinds of themes for you to choose from.

4. PowerDirector


PowerDirector is a full-featured application and is very easy to use. If you are good at using this application, you will be able to produce professional videos faster!

Provides more than 30 effects and transitions that can enhance the appearance of the video. If you are confused when using it, this application also provides video tutorials for beginners!

5. VivaVideo


VivaVideo is one of the leading video editing applications on Google Play and already has up to 150 million users from various parts of the world. VivaVideo has featured in the form of PIP for making video collages, a video editing, and of course, a feature to share it directly on your social media.

Even more exciting, all the animation effects and video editing material provided by this one video editing application can all be download for free, you know!

6. Magisto


Haven’t edit a video at all? Don’t be afraid because the Magisto video editing application is the solution for you to edit all the video clips into a complete vlog as if taken by a professional.

This video editing application, which is famous for being simple and easy to use, is the right choice for beginners who want to start a vlogging hobby.

7. Funimate


The choice of applications to turn videos into cool is the Funimate video editing application. Funimate not only provides a variety of basic video editing features that you need. But, a wide selection of filters to give your video special effects. This video editing application is recommended for those of you who only want to edit videos simply.

8. Quik


Most video editing applications are considered to be very slow performance. Well, it’s different from this video editing application.

Quik has speed as its flagship feature. Through this application, you can enter up to 50 photos to turn into a short video. If you want to make stop motion videos, you can download this video editing application to your Android!

9. VideoShop


Is your Android memory almost full? Don’t worry because this video editing application is a lightweight application. With comprehensive features ranging from animated transitions, voice-over recording, stop motion features, sound effects, and more, Videoshop can be a video editing application to make your vlog.

10. Splice


Splice is a GoPro output application. The advantage of the Splice application is that it supports vertical vlog video content.

This one video editing application also claims that the back sound feature that it has can adjust to the video automatically to provide a more vibrant and dramatic effect.

11. Split Pic Pro

Split Pic Pro

If you make Instagram Stories a vlogging medium, this one video editing application choice is the most appropriate. Split Pic Pro will help you cut and join videos so that they are the right length for you to apply to Instagram stories.

12. VidTrim


A video editing application that can be a reference for download on Android is VidTrim. VidTrim has simple features and is very easy to use. You can get basic video editing features, starting from transition effects and background music.

13. KineMaster


It is convenient to use and easy to upload video files from various media. Edit videos so it’s easier to show professional videos. Comes with full features that are certainly easy to use.

14. Movie Maker Filmmaker

This free video editing application has features that can produce professional videos like video effects, text animation effects, slideshows, and more. Suitable for those of you who want to make short videos.

15. Film Maker Pro

Film Maker Pro

With features to trim videos, add music, transitions, and a variety of stunning effects. So that it speeds up to you in video editing.

16. Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram

Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram

Active on social media? You can choose this one application! Offers a contemporary effect that can increase your presence on social media, Toppers!

The video that you edit can look unique and cool when uploaded on social media, try it!

17. Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja

It has cool features and helps you in the video editing process. This application can also edit green screen videos that you can change the background using Android.

18. VN Video Editor Maker – VlogNow


This application can be used for beginners or professionals. Allows you to add various effects to the video that can add uniqueness in making the video.


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