The 10 Best Sleeping Bags for Kids

Sleeping bags for kids is one of the best pieces of gear if you are exploring or camping for more than a day.

Whether you go to the mountains or the beach, your sleep will be more comfortable when using a sleeping bag. Various sleeping bag products for sale with the types and functions.

This may make you confused in choosing a sleeping bag. So, I will provide tips and recommendations for sleeping bags for travel.

A Sleeping Bag Provides Comfort When Outdoor Activities

Sleeping bags affect the quality of sleep during camping or other outdoor activities. At first glance, all sleeping bag products look the same, but not necessarily.

If you choose a sleeping bag that is of poor quality, you will not be able to sleep comfortably. Your activities the next day are also disturbed.

A sleeping bag provides comfort while sleeping. If you sleep quality, you can run outdoor activities with good stamina.

For that, choose the right kid’s a sleeping bag. Choosing a good sleeping bag depends on a person and how to use it. Follow our next points so that you get the most suitable sleeping bag for children.

How to Choose A Sleeping Bag

Next, the important points that you should pay attention to when choosing a sleeping bag like size, material, and where you use it.

Choose The Type That Fits Your Style

There are three types of a sleeping bags, mummy, envelope, and humanoid. All three have different comfort and ability to withstand heat. Pay attention to the characteristics of each type and find the one that suits you best.

Mummy type: lightweight, compact, and retains heat better

The mummy-type sleeping bag is very good for retaining heat because it fits the body shape. This type covers the shoulder area to the head very tightly.

There is no gap between the body and the sleeping bag so you will get extra warmth. The mummy-type sleeping bag is lighter, compact, and easy to store.

The mummy type does make it difficult for you to move freely in the sleeping bag. For those of you who are not used to it, you may feel uncomfortable with the compression provided by this sleeping bag.

Envelope type: makes you comfortable and easy to move while sleeping

The envelope type is a rectangular sleeping bag. The shape resembles a folded thick blanket. I recommend this type for those of you who move a lot while sleeping.

Some products can combine two sleeping bags of the same type. This product is very suitable for family use. However, compared to the mummy type, the envelope type has shortcomings to withstand heat, weight, and storage.

Humanoid type: can move while using a sleeping bag

The humanoid type is the idea of using a sleeping bag while on the move. The design resembles the human body and looks unique.

You can move your legs and arms freely while sleeping. You can stand and walk freely while using a sleeping bag.

Unfortunately, compared to the other two types. The humanoid type is not very much for sale. The choices are very few for this one type.

Choose The Size that Fits Your Body

The sleeping bag has several size options. Before you choose a product, make sure it is the right size for your body.

Avoid choosing a sleeping bag with a size that is too big because it will reduce the warmth of the sleeping bag. Don’t choose a size that is too narrow because it can make you uncomfortable using it.

In the mummy and envelope types, 75 cm wide is the right size for children and those of you who are petite. If you have height is 170-175 cm, a sleeping bag with a width of 75-80 cm is suitable for you.

Next, for a height of 175-180 cm, choose a sleeping bag with a width of 80 cm or more to make it more comfortable. This size is also suitable for those of you who have an athletic posture, and move a lot while sleeping.

When choosing a sleeping bag for a child, make sure the size can be adjusted. This sleeping bag model can be adjusted to the child’s growth so that it fits better.

Consider The Price, Degree of Heat Retention, and How to Care For The Material

In general, there are 2 types of sleeping bag filling materials, such as down and chemical fiber. These materials have different characteristics that will affect the price, treatment method, and degree of heat storage.

Down: light and provides perfect warmth

Down is a material that is quite expensive but has a lightweight and can provide perfect warmth. In addition, this material can be compacted so that it can be stored easily. Many brands use down materials to provide comfort when sleeping in outdoor areas.

However, when compared to chemical fiber, down treatment is more difficult to do. Down is not waterproof. So it takes time to dry.

Washing it is also quite difficult and you have to put it in a place with good ventilation so that it dries quickly.

Chemical fiber: cheap and easy to maintain

Chemical fiber is cheaper. Maintenance is also easy because it does not absorb water, and is easy to wash. However, this material cannot withstand as much heat as Down. If you want a level of warmth equivalent to Down, you need a sleeping bag made from chemical fiber that is heavier and larger.

Chemical fiber is difficult to compact. So it requires a larger storage area. This material is suitable for beginners and outdoor activities.

10 Best Sleeping Bags for Kids

After sharing tips on choosing a sleeping bags for kids, I will continue to provide recommendations for the best products. Read the description of each product to get a comfortable sleeping bag.

1. Fireman Sleeping Bag

Make their next sleepover or even bedtime at home magical with this stylish and soft full-size set!

Featuring a heroic firefighter design, your child will be able to snooze peacefully with the plush interior and warm sherpa lining!

It’s also easy to clean in the washing machine simply by using the warm delicate setting and tumble dried on the low setting for your dryer.

2. Mummy Sleeping Bag for Kids and Youth

The unique wavy shape allows multiple sleep positions. Rotate the cover and elastic opening for maximum warmth and easy movement. The front zipper position allows the child to easily zip and unlock the bag.

Your little one will have increased legroom and increased air circulation. Drifting off to sleep is a breeze when your child is snuggled up in this original sleeping bag.

3. Animal Sleeping Bag Blanket for Kids

Let your little one pretend they’re the fiercest fish in the sea with this Shark Tail Blanket! Crafted from a super soft polyester, this unique blanket will have even the littlest sharks feeling ferocious while lounging around the house.

The fully lined, sleeping bag style blanket is the perfect size to cuddle under when the weather gets a little chilly, and the extra foot space in the fins gives plenty of room to stretch out while keeping toes nice and warm.

The main opening features the full shark face, with eyes and sharp teeth, so that anyone wearing the blanket looks like they’re being eaten!

4. Disney Car Character Sleeping Bag

Make sleepovers and nap time more fun for your little one with the Cars Hooded Sleeping Bag. Featuring an adorable character Rusteze hood, this sleeping bag will be a kid favorite.

Soft Sherpa fabric will keep your little one warm and cozy. Sleeping bag features zip around closure, making it easy to get in and out. Bag easily rolls up and includes a velco closure making it easy to carry.

5. Plum Fun 45 Youth Sleeping Bag

Keep the kids comfortable as they sleep under the stars with the Coleman Youth Sleeping Bag, even when it’s 45 °F outside. ThermoTech insulation helps keep them comfortable all night long.

6. Rainbow Sleeping Bag Glow in The Dark Unicorn

This unicorn slumber bag is made from high quality 100% plush polyester with extra batting sewn in, providing extra soft comfort for all toddlers, children, and adults.

It includes extra padding for comfort and warmth sewn in so the sleeping bag can be washed without ruining the batting. The unicorn nap mat features a narwhal, kitticorn, rainbow, and unicorn all on a super fun tie-dye rainbow fabric.

7. Kids Cotton Sleeping Bag for Outdoor Camping

Cotton and filled with feather-like cotton protects the delicate skin of the child. The sleeping bag is soft and breathable, absorbs sweat and keeps warm, safe and non-irritating, suitable for multiple scenarios.

The pongee fabric contains a water-repellent coating to keep the sleeping bag dry. It is also easy to clean. Children accidentally get dirty when playing, just wipe it with a damp cloth. Machine washing is allowed too.

8. Dinosaur Surprise Animal

Perfect kids animal sleeping bag for playtime, nap time, anytime! They play with you all day and are perfect for sleepovers too!

They makes a great friend to take with you anywhere you go so you can play all day and nap easily!

The perfect play blue dinos nursery pillow for boys or girls! When it’s time to sleep, just pull on their feet reveal a cozy sleepy sack.

When napping is done, the sleepy sack easily folds back up.Our sleeping bag anti-kick bag belongs to the four seasons, relatively thin, and needs to be covered in winter.

9. Youth and Kids Sleeping Bag

The adventure theme youth and kids sleeping bag is the latest addition to family collection. Get your kids excited to have some fun on your next camping trip!

To accommodate the little ones at different ages, they have variety in size. Our kids size will fit kids up to 4’5” and youth size will fit boys and girls up to 5’7”. Choose carefully for the best fit!

Sometimes sleeping with your best buddy or siblings will make the adventure so much more fun, so they provide options for both single and double units – now you can zip 2 sleeping bags together to double size the fun! (please select the double-units option for proper zipper connect).

10. Sleeping Bags for Adults, Kids, Boys, and Girls Backpacking

Measures 29.5 W x 86.6 H in Perfectly fits an average size adult, and tons of space for kids. Two-way zipper with “zipper guard” to prevent stuck hooks effectively. Separated zipper at the bottom can also make your feet often come out through the wind.

Double zipper slider allow you to open the bottom of the sleeping bag at a warm night. You can even fully open the sleeping bag then use as a blanket.

Comes up with a travel-friendly carry bag, which makes it quite convenient to store and carry along. Can easily be wiped clean or machine washed making it versatile and convenient.


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