18 Best Surf Spots in Indonesia for Beginners and Professionals

If you are a surfing fan then Indonesia is the best spot to surf for beginners and professionals (more than 900 islands washed by the waters of the Indian and the Pacific Ocean).

You just need to “jump right in” into your favorite hobby.

Imagine a simple but comfortable house by the sea, where you can stay for several weeks, and a few meters from it is a beach with favorable winds. Yes, this is Indonesian surfing.

Soft white sand, warm, clear seawater. The bay where you will surf is protected from all sides by rocks and no wind will disturb the upcoming water slide.

Giant sea waves grew, moving into the bay from the ocean and forming perfect water pipes. So, what is not the dream of a “top-notch” surfer?

The surfing offered by exotic countries like Indonesia is exactly what I described above — like a dream, but, reality! In Indonesia, there are not only the world’s best beach destinations but also the best surfing and diving spots.

Best Surf Spots in Indonesia

Best Surf Spots in Indonesia

Surfing is often seasonal. So, in this article, I’m going to show you list of the best spots surf in Indonesia for beginners and professionals.

1. Lakey Beach in Hu’U Bay, Sumbawa Island

Lakey Beach

The Lakey Beach in Hu’U Bay on Sumbawa Island has a world-class category that is rarely crowded with surfers, except on weekends in July-August. The rest of the time is not crowded, fresh sea air, warm water — everything is conducive to your favorite hobby.

Lakeyy Beach is located near the village of Hu’u, Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara province, on the east coast of Sumbawa. This is where surfing gets tough. Ocean has prepared a real challenge in these places for the most determined and most professional surfers.

The sea waves at Lakey Beach are also unusual – left-handed, requiring special taming skills. The big waves for surfers here were noticed by Australians in the eighties of the last century.

Lakey Beach is often home to the World Surfing Championships, and Indonesia’s Lakey Beach overlooks a coral reef.

The seafloor is rocky, near the sandy beach, flat, very comfortable for swimming. But surfers have to be careful here. The sea waves near the shore are very strong and can be thrown directly on the rocks near the shore.

Lakey Beach is considered a great surf spot by experts and professionals from Australia, the continent of ancient Inca civilizations in South America, and the United States.

How to get to Lakey Beach Indonesia

To get to Lakey Beach, you need to use several types of transportation.

  • First, you have to fly by plane to the city of Bima, to Muhammad Salahuddin airport
  • From the airport to Hu’U village – 3 hours by Bemo (Indonesian public bus), or by taxi
  • From the village to Lakey Beach – an hour on foot (or by car, motorbike, even by local horse-drawn carriage – Benhur)

Airlines that fly to Muhammad Salahuddin airport in Bima

  • Airwing
  • Merpati airlines

You can also get there via the town of Domru, which is an hour’s drive from the beach. Another option how to get there: first you have to go to the island of Lombok. From Lombok Island – take a ferry to Poto Tano (western part of Sumbawa Island).

Some tour operators and travel agents, as well as hotels, can arrange private jets to fly from Bali directly to Sumbawa Island, or speedboats from Lombok Island to Sumbawa for surfers.

2. Wanokaka Valley, Sumba Island (Sumba – Wanokaka)

Wanokaka Sumba

This surfing spot, which is located on the southern coast of the island of Sumba, can only be conquered by surfers and surfers alike. Unusual waves, left-handed waves reaching 200 meters in length and over 4 meters in height!

The waves are fast and strong, the right winds for surfing in these places are north, northeast.

Sea Hazards Near Wanokaka Valley Sumba Island Surfing Indonesia

  • Underwater – reefs
  • Environment – rock
  • Shark
  • Strong current

You have to come here by car. Spot hazards can only be overcome by professionals. The sea waves in these places are 50 to 150 m long, there are some surfers here, surfing in Wanukaka is only possible at high tide (Indonesia, Savu Sea).

May to October (dry season in Indonesia) is the best time of year to surf in Wanokaka Sumba.

3. Dreamland Beach, Bali

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach is perfect for the best diving and holidays in Bali. Located in southern Bali, on the Bukit Peninsula. To get here, you need to drive about 30-45 minutes south of Kuta.

Surf waves, left and right. The wavelength reaches 50 – 150 m. The seabed at Dreamland Beach consists of coral and sharp rock fragments. On weekdays there are very few surfers here, only a few people. On the weekends — lots of it!

When going on a surf tour — riding the waves near Dreamland Beach, don’t invite company with you, but take a friend (boyfriend or girlfriend) and go there alone — on a scooter or boat, then find yourself an exotic getaway with the right waves and enjoy!

The beach has many secluded coves, so this trip will be even better and cheaper for you! By the way, the rainy season in Indonesia is also a great time to surf as it doesn’t always rain. A few hours – and again sun, great weather, you can get on the board and – on the waves, out to sea.

4. Sipora Island, West Sumatra

Sipora Island Surfing

Sipora Island is one of the world-class surfing locations. This is a small island belonging to the Mentawai Archipelago, located between the islands of North Pagai and Siberut, 130 kilometers west of Sumatra.

Most of the island is covered with tropical forest, and predominantly flat with beautiful and quiet sandy beaches. April is the best time to visit because at that time the waves at this surf site are at the most suitable altitude for surfing.

Huge, massive waves forming in its territory attract experienced surfers from all over the world. Hollow Trees and Lances Left are cylindrical waves known as Right Tube.

There are a surf camp and a small airfield, which allows quick and easy access to the Mentawai Islands.

If you are not a seasoned surfer, the island offers secluded beach vacations, diving, and hiking in the rainforest.

5. Kampar River, Riau

kampar river

If you think all surfing locations are the ocean, unlike the surf spots you can find in Riau, it is the Kampar River.

Bono waves are ocean tides and river tides so that the Kampar River can have waves that can even reach 4-5 meters in height!

The full moons in August and December are the perfect times to visit the Kampar River.

6. Nembrala Beach, Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara

Nembrala Beach is perfect for surfing. This is a beach full of peace, surrounded by coconut trees and white sand beach.

From August to October, the waves on Nemberala Beach reach 6-7 meters. Therefore, every year from September to October, there is always a world surfing championship.

In addition to surfing, you can get to know the unique culture of the people of East Nusa Tenggara, you know.

7. Matanurung Beach, Dylan’s Right, Aceh

Matanurung Beach

The Simeulue Islands are suitable for surfing hobbyists. Beautiful islands, clean beaches, and the best surf spot called Dylan’s Right, which is located on Matanurung Beach.

The waves, which reach a height of 5 meters, form long rolling waves known as Long Tube Barrels.

Also, it offers fine views of the Indian Ocean, which is surrounded by white sand, and coconut trees.

8. Nias, North Sumatera

Nias Beach

On the west coast of Sumatra, an entire cluster of islands is suitable for surfing. The most famous is Nias.

Right-hand waves are considered ideal here, and after the tsunami on 27 December 2004, the waves were getting better as reefs rose above one meter making the waves faster, more concave, and much more consistent.

For most surfers, one of their favorite surf spots in the Mentawai Islands which are no less good than Nias. These islands have many world-class surfing spots.

You can get here by boat, although it is expensive, the rest here is also expensive, but incredible waves happen almost every day, so surfers are ready to pay for the fun.

9. Tanjung Saruri, Biak, Papua

Tanjung Saruri

Some people think that Papua in Eastern Indonesia is famous for the fine view of rocky formations in Raja Ampat Islands, birds of paradise, and black peoples.

But, if you walk around or find out from some of the residents. You will find incredible attractions.

Wafor Beach is one of the beaches in Papua that is in demand by surfers. This is a competitor for Bali Island.

It has cool waves for the surfing fan. The seawater is blue when exposed to sunlight and exotic white sand, so this beach is so calm.

10. Ombak Tujuh Beach (Seven Wave Beach), Sukabumi, West Java

Ombak Tujuh Beach

Seven Wave Beach has waves that come in sequence and hit the reef. When one wave breaks, the next wave will come. So you no need a long time to wait for good waves with waves that can reach 6 meters high.

However, you have to be careful because there are too many corals here! And the best time to visit is in June-July or summer.

11. Batu Karas Beach, West Java

This is a beach that has calming waves and a black sand beach. If you are a beginner at learning to surf, Batu karas beach are the best choice because they have not very high waves. Check out the video below!

But, when you’re surfing on the weekends. So many tourists come to swim, so you have to pay attention when you fall!

Here, there are no fancy food, fire dancers, or beach clubs like in Bali!

If you want to find lively nightlife, Pangandaran Beach is the best choice. You only need 90 minutes to get there. Also, don’t miss Body Rafting at Green Canyon Pangandaran.

12. Tanjung Setia Beach, Lampung

Tanjung Setia Beach

Secluded on the west coast of Lampung, behind the dense forest of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, there is a beautiful beach.

The great waves of the Indian Ocean with constant and exciting waves, surfers from all over the world call them the best in the world and are on par with Hawaiian surfing destinations.

So far from the provincial capital of Bandar Lampung. You have to wait for about 6 hours or more. This beach is not as well known internationally as in Bali or Lombok.

June to August is the peak surfing season, waves can reach a spectacular six and even seven meters and stretch as long as 200 meters.

13. Uluwatu, Bali

Uluwatu Bali

Greenbowl Beach is an easily accessible surfing location in Bali, and Uluwatu has been a famous surfing destination since 1970. Cliffs and temples are the hallmarks, these my beach in a day.

To get to one of the best surf spots on the Bali beach, you need to walk through the caves along the coral reef.

Plenty of places to take a break to watch the surfers spin on The Peak, Outside Corner, and Racetracks. Everyone has a table. Apart from the usual, some tables areas like if you are sitting at the bar table.

Here, you can hang out in the cafe, like sitting in front of the TV and watching the conquerors of the waves.

Good waves are the spotlight for surfing lovers, and Uluwatu is often one of the locations for national and international surfing competitions.

The high waves are dangerous with shallow waters, sharp coral reefs, and spots like that crowded by surfers. The best time to visit Uluwatu Bali for surfing lovers is between August and September.

14. Plengkung Beach, Banyuwangi

Plengkung Beach

It’s not easy on foot to get to any point in the nature park, but savvy surfers from all over the world do it anyway, only to cross G-Land off their wish list.

Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi is one of the most popular beaches worldwide, located in the Alas Purwo National Park.

It has very high and large waves generated by a low-pressure system originating from southern Antarctica.

The right side of Plengkung Beach has more dominant waves, elongated in shape, maybe 3-8 meters high, and high speed. Also, the formation of a wave tube is almost perfect, making it a favorite for surf enthusiasts.

Offshore winds that blow for a visit between April and September.

15. Bangko-Bangko Beach, West Nusa Tenggara

Bangko Bangko Beach

Bangko-Bangko Beach in Lombok known as Desert Point is one of the beautiful white-sand beaches. The favorite surf spot on the island of Lombok has perfect wave rolls that can reach 3 meters. Also, the best places to dive.

Access to locations with poor infrastructure. However, it is not a reason for surfers to want to catch waves. It is located opposite the Nusa Penida Island and makes many people from Bali want to go there by ferry to Lembar.

The best time for you to visit Bangko-Bangko Beach is from May to October.

16. Nihiwatu Island, East Nusa Tenggara

Nihiwatu Sumba

It is hard to imagine that just a 50-minute flight from Bali exists in places untouched by the metropolis, where the natural exchange takes place.

People live according to the laws of their ancestors, and the well-being of a family is determined. With the number of buffalo, there are not many places like that left on earth. Sumba is one of them.

Nihiwatu city is an archipelago of civilized life on the island. Nihiwatu Reef is a world-class wave producing tube with a rotating speed of 2 meters. Waves always go up even in weak waves.

Nihi Sumba is a surfing spot issue most discussed. “Left God” or “Occy’s Left” is the name for the waves here, which is taken from the name of the Australian surfer, Mark Occhilupo. May to October (dry season in Indonesia) is the best time.

Nihiwatu Beach is managed by Nihiwatu Resort (one of the best luxury hotels in the world). Not everyone can go in and out freely on this beach. So, you have to stay at the resort.

The resort building and villas overlook the sea with large rooms built on a hill with a private swimming pool. You can select by clicking on one of the three hotel photos below.

  • NIHI Sumba, Sumba Island, Indonesia
  • Lelewatu Resort, Sumba Island
  • Rua Beach Resort, Sumba Island

17. Wediombo Beach, Yogyakarta

Wediombo Beach

Wediombo Beach has become a gathering place for wave hunters. Every weekend tourists come to Wediombo to catch the best waves in Yogyakarta.

Surrounded by hills, trees, and coral on this beach is a geological phenomenon originating from ancient volcanic rocks.

Wediombo It’s Good To SEA You is the slogan of the surfing community there to promote. The waves on Wediombo Beach are quite big. But, you have to be careful because there are lots of sharp corals here.

18. Panaitan Island, Banten

Panaitan Island

Panaitan is the dream of surfing with a rainforest backdrop.

The rising and falling tubes are known as the Apocalypse and One Palm. The island also offers a variety of options to cater to all levels of surfers.

Some of the surfing points in Panaitan are popular for beginners and professionals.

Apocalypse is a big surprise. Paddle to the lineup of boats, then you’ll find the full waves. Many of the waves here are closing, and you must take them as quickly as possible.

One Palm Point is a Point reef break characterized by a single sentinel palm. The waves here are perfect peeling from the outside to the inside, slid over the shallow bottom that inspires paranoia but created a record time of tube.

These waves of up to 800 meters long, the most perfect, most dangerous, shallow, roll the barrel to the left at a point reef.

A sturdy plank to get into these waves, then set the stance and stand gliding at maximum speed.

Napalms is Coral left here gives barrels with mechanical perfection. It’s a fun barrel spot.

Pussy is a wave that is usually used for warming up by beginners. This spot always provides waves on every tide. But, low tides are the best time to surf.


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