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Surfing Tips for Beginners

12 Suitable Surfing Tips for Beginners

Have you been on vacation to Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, and Sumatra? You will see surfers the action in the middle. The high waves and beautiful beach views are a surfer’s paradise. Bali is an excellent choice for those looking to…
Traveling Tips for Ulcer Sufferers

10 Traveling Tips for Ulcer Sufferers

Busy activities make travelers often forget to eat, and they’ll change their dietary habits during the holidays. If you eat irregularly, the stomach acid will increase and cause ulcers. Especially if you have chronic gastritis, never too late to eat,…
Travel Tips During Pandemic

Travel Tips During Pandemic

Increasing the number of positive patients Covid-19 continues to increase so the trip during pandemic is closed and makes everyone to applying physical distancing. This is useful for encouraging anyone to stay at home to prevent the spread of corona…