Darajat Pass Water Park With A Hot Spring Pool in Garut

Darajat Pass Water Park is a hot spring pool tourist attraction located in Bedeng Karyamekar Pasirwangi village, Garut District, West Java Province, Indonesia.

This is a family vacation!

My brothers and cousins, they didn’t go to school because the vacation is too long.

Ok bruh, they (my family) prepared lunch to be there.

At 8:00 a.m. July 8, 2017, we’re going to Darajat Pass Garut. so, from Tasikmalaya city to Garut is very close, maybe 4 hours to arrive. Hah…

I just slept in the car and then see the sights city and tea gardens.

If you’re a solo travel from Bandung, Jakarta and outside West Java or I don’t know here you live in Indonesia. You can take the bus to Garut. After arriving, download Gojek app (this is online transportation).

This will simplify and speed up destination without having to look at a map.

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Yes, we’re having some problems in the car. this happens to take over the first gear when rising.

I think that’s difficult. However, my Daddy didn’t take the gear from one of the second to pass the climb.

Finally we arrived, I forgot maybe 11:36 we got there. lol

Darajat Pass Water Park Garut

Darajat Pass Water Park is surrounded by tea gardens, the air is cool, and cloudy. That is fun! Around Darajat Pass area there are waterslides, restaurant, outbound and flying fox.

Darajat Pass Water Park Garut

Darajat pass also provides safety and comfort for visitors. So, it is very suitable for holidays with your friends and family.

Darajat Pass Water Park

Actually in Garut very many tourist attractions, such as Mount Cikuray, Papandayan, Sayang Heulang Beach and others. However, this is a family vacation. My hands were handcuffed, so I could’t slide and kick the girls, it was like being in prison.

Darajat Pass Accommodation

Yeah i saw a few villas there, maybe around 500m from the tourist area. And there is also a villa above the peak, of course, at night the air will feel cold.


I don’t have too much time! I just bought some souvenirs to take home.

dodol picnic

My aunt bought a pack of Dodol Picnic from the center. Because this brand already famous and has good taste.

I hope the company owner reads it, maybe I will get it for free. Lol


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