Gapang Beach is Calm in Weh Island

Gapang Beach is one of the special vacation destinations located in Sabang City, Weh Island, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. Gapang are trees that stand by the beach.

When you see the beauty of Gapang Beach on social media, this beach is the greatest inspiration for photographers.

Gapang Beach

The beach directly faces the sea so the sea scenery looks more amazing than Iboih Beach.

You know, the calm makes this beautiful beach not many people enjoy it. but, they said “here, Firdaus Park in a hidden world”.

There are so many things to do at Gapang Beach such as enjoying the sunset or sunrise, trekking to the highest peak on Weh Island, fishing, jet skiing, surfing, diving and snorkeling which is always the main activity when visiting.

gapang beach snorkeling

Some good places around are Iboih Beach, Rubiah Island, Zero Kilometer Monument, Protected Forest where macaque monkeys gather, white sand beaches, Male Laot Waterfall, Hot Springs, Volcanoes in Jaboi, and Hydrothermal.

How to go to Gapang Beach

You can start the journey from downtown Sabang or from the Port of Balohan using private transportation, rental vehicles or public transportation as transportation.

Gapang Beach is about an hour away, traveling through the route that will lead to the Indonesian Zero West Kilometer Monument in Sabang.

The journey through Weh Island is very exciting. When on the hill, you enjoy scenerys of the beach and the beautiful small island. On Weh Island, you can also see used CBU cars brought from Singapore or Malaysia.



There are so many restaurants available, you can choose your choice. If I recommend it, I don’t know if you are allergic to eating like seafood or other things.

Aceh coffee

However, Aceh coffee is a special drink and you should try it.

Gapang Accommodation

gapang accommodation

Take a break is the best time. Lodging such as hotels, bungalows, resorts are also available for you to choose.


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