Gorontalo Whale Shark is The Best Place to Visit

Gorontalo whale shark tourism is visited almost every year by important guests. They aren’t artists or the official capital city, they are whale sharks or often called the commotion latitude (Rhincodon typus).

Gorontalo whale shark

Fishermen call it Munggiango hulalo.

According to the Gorontalo Government. Until now dozens of tails appeared in Inengo beach, which is about an hour from Gorontalo city.

Located in Botubarani Village, Kabila Bone Sub-District, Bone Bolango District, Gorontalo Province.

The access so easy, from Gorontalo city about 20-30 minutes by motorbike or transportation online.

With the presence of whale sharks in the waters of Tomini Bay, Gorontalo has become a favorite tourist destination.

When arriving at Botubarani Beach, approximately 50 meters from the beach. You can see some whale sharks coming to the boat while being fed.

To see this whale shark, just use a small wooden boat with a capacity of 2-3 people.

Three to six whale sharks can be seen more closely.

However, the appearance of whale sharks is very minimal. Sometimes tourists are disappointed because they can not see directly.

I’m not sure when they will come.

But observers note that the season for whale shark arrivals in these waters is in May and June.

So, you have to make sure when you want to book a tour guide. Whether the month you want to visit them is  there or not.

The thing to do in Gorontalo whale shark tourism is to see or photograph them coming. Also, feed him.

When taking photos, I think it’s better not to use a flash. It will disturb the shark.

If you aren’t a loser, you can be swimming with him, you know.

Gorontalo whale shark accommodation

The entrance fee is $2. As for additional facilities prepared for visitors such as boat rentals for $6 for three people, snorkeling equipment $2, for those who choose diving $6-7. For professionals, you can choose a more complete set of packages for $36 including guides.

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