green canyon pangandaran
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Green Canyon Pangandaran is River Flows Toward Heaven

I leave a little time to visit Green Canyon Pangandaran after a vacationing in Batu Karas Beach and Pangandaran Beach.

green canyon pangandaran

Green Canyon Pangandaran is located in Kertayasa village, Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia.

Sundanese (local language) gave the name Green Canyon Pangandaran as “Cukang Taneuh”. In Indonesian which means bridge, because it passes through valleys and ravines.

There is also a bridge that is used by farmers to go gardening. Green Canyon is a Cijulang river flows through a cave flanked by hills, stones and trees.

Things to do in Green Canyon are swimming, diving into the river from a height of 5 meters, rock climbing and Body Rafting which are favorite for visitors.

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However, before you go swimming. You will wait for the ship (Ketinting).

This ship will carry along the river. Here, you can see scenery of stone paintings and trees until this ship arrives.

green canyon pangandaran

When swimming you have about 30 minutes – 1 hour, and then they will pick you up again.

All costs for that are around $ 13 for 5 people. But if you are only with a partner or solo. You will sit with other tourists.

pangandaran green canyon

The best season to go is the dry season. If you take a vacation in the rainy season, the water will change like coffee.

How to get to Green Canyon Pangandaran

Before you go to Green Canyon Pangandaran. You must choose one place you live. I mean when you go on vacation where.

If you’re vacationing at Pangandaran Beach. You only need to order transportation online such as Gojek and Grab. It’s very cheap than you have to rent a motorcycle there.

If you’re vacationing at Batukaras. You can rent a motorbike there, because no online transportation.


Green Canyon Accommodation

Lodging in Green Canyon is also available. But that is limited. Stay at Batukaras hotel is better because the distance is very close.

Be sure to bring enough money because there is no bank or ATM (Automatic Teller Machine).

The ATM location is quite far, which is on Jl. Cijulang.


Here is unavailable fancy food or roast pork. Only available Sundanese food and seafood. There are also some Indonesian foods such as meatballs, chicken porridge, and spicy food.

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