Kampar River: Surfing to conquer Bono Waves

Kampar is a long river from Bukit Barisan mountains that forms like the backbone of Sumatra Island Indonesia.

The length of the river divides itself into two large branches known as Kampar Kanan and Kampar Kiri.

In Teluk Meranti, Kampar River, Palalawan Regency, Riau, there is a natural phenomenon that makes world travelers and surfers curious. Its name is Bono Wave which can be used for surfing.

kampar river

Bono wave in Kampar River, Riau is one of the wonders of Indonesia. The waves can be as high as 4 to 6 meters and the wavelength reaches more than 300 meters. World surfers are competing to conquer it.

Residents were mostly afraid when Bono appeared, which they believed was the Seven Ghosts.

You think maybe surfing is usually at sea, right? but this is different.

Surfing on Kampar River to conquer Bono waves isn’t easy.

Bono is different from other places because it is located on the equator. So the waves are fast, long, and the characters are difficult. – Steven King, a British surfer who has set a new record after conquering Bono.

Bono waves are created from the confluence of river currents and ocean currents.

Therefore, Bono Waves are a strong attraction for surfers or travelers.

The best month to visit the Bono River is at the beginning and the end of the rainy season. That’s when the tide will be high. Maybe precisely in February, March, October, and November. During the day and night is the best time to surf there.

If you visit in November on 10-15th. You will see Bekudo Bono Festival which is an annual event attracting international surfing.


They showed skills on the waves of the Kampar River.

The best location for surfing is in the village of Teluk Meranti, although there are other places like Tanjung Sebayang, Tanjung Pungai, and Pulau Muda. everything is in Pelalawan Regency.

How to go Kampar river

To go to Meranti Bay one must travel through Pekanbaru, the capital of Riau Province. As a busy business airport, it is available from major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Medan, and Batam.

Internationally, Pekanbaru is available from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, by Air Asia. It takes 4 to 7 hours by car from Pekanbaru to the north to Meranti Bay.

The journey from Pekanbaru to Pangkalan Kerinci takes about 1.5 hours, then from here to Meranti Bay takes 4 hours. You can also take a speedboat from Pangkalan Kerinci to Pulau Muda or Teluk Meranti in about 4.5 hours.

When you travel from Singapore, the trip to Meranti Bay is by sea through a rather difficult route. From Singapore Harbor, the ship goes to Sekupang Batam, then continues by ferry to Tanjung Batu, in the Karimun islands, so you can find a ferry to take you to Meranti Bay.



Some homestays are available at this place. Also, you will find a few places to eat like fried rice, grilled chicken, and some vegetables.

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