Kuta Beach Exotic Attract Visitors in The World

Bali Island is very famous in the world which is located in south island of the gods. If you don’t know that, it’s very sad. Kuta Beach is a famous tour in Bali and has become a mainstay of Bali Island as tourism since 70s.Another name for Kuta is “sunset beach” because visitors can see beautiful sunset.And Sanur beach is great for see the sunrise.

The beautiful and natural scenery will make you comfortable. The coastline is 2 km long and is curved in shape like a crescent moon.

Kuta Beach

In addition, Bali also maintains ancestral culture. This second thing is a magnet for foreign and domestic tourists.

According to others who know this place, Kuta is the heart of Bali Island.

White sand with long and very large waves, test your courage while surfing in Bali.

Things to do at Bali Beach are seeing sunset, reflexology, sunbathing, bungy jumping and surfing.

Do you wanna surf? For beginner surfers, many surfboards rent with varying prices.

Accompanied by professionals who are always ready to help break the waves. They will teach you how to use a good surfboard.

In addition, you can bask in the sun. At this time the beach is filled with tourists.

Kuta Beach

In the afternoon, you will enjoy the sunset at Kuta beach. Focus your eyes westward because every second the sunset will cause an attractive golden light.

The sky is orange and the waves roar.

Don’t forget to capture the beauty of the sunset with your camera shots.

The History of Kuta Beach

Before becoming tourism, Kuta was traded. Many outside traders conduct business transactions in Bali.

In the 19th century, a Danish trader named Mads Lange founded trading on the coast. Because of his intelligence in trade negotiations, Mads Lange was famous among the kings of Bali.

The first time Kuta beach was a green turtle and many people didn’t know. Turtles are almost extinct and become one of the protected species.

Fisheries in green turtles have been moved to Tanjung Benoa beach, if you want to see green turtles, you can visit the island turtles in Tanjung Benoa by using a glass boat.


Kuta Beach Accommodation

There are many places to stay for you. Hotels are one of the main businesses that support the development of the tourism industry.

Hotel Reservations You can search on the website and make it easier for you to find the right solution.

Kuta Beach as a famous tourist spot, many villas or resorts available.

Some are cheap and luxurious, and also have many entertainment venues such as cafes, bars, night clubs, and others.

Culinary and Souvenir

If you feel hungry, it’s time to try culinary in Kuta.

There are many restaurants with special seafood and fast food restaurants. Some of them are open 24 hours.

For visitors who have a hobby shop, there are many shops as souvenirs. You will find many stalls selling handicrafts, accessories, and various clothes.


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