Lorentz National Park is a Vacation Idea for Nature Lovers

Lorentz National Park is located in Papua Province, Indonesia with an area of ​​2,4 million hectares. Lorentz is a national park in Southeast Asia and is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site since early 2003 until now, WWF-Indonesia Papua Sahul Region is currently working on the topography in this tourist area.

In 2003 – 2006, WWF conducted a topography in Lorentz Park in the Kurima district, Yahukimo. And in 2006-2007 in the Sawaerma district, Asmat.

The name of the Lorentz National Park is from a Dutch explorer (Hendrikus Albertus Lorentz). He went on an expedition and passed through the area in 1909.

lorentz national park

The idea of ​​a vacation in the Papua National Park is good. Animal life and is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in eastern Indonesia.

Lorentz National Park is a forest that is rarely visited by humans. I mean, this forest is natural.

There are many types of vegetation such as grass, mountain forests, swamps, river and others.

There are 123 species of mammals and 630 species of birds. About 70% of birds that live in Papua can be found such as quail, parrots, birds of paradise, pigeons, megapods, and cassowaries.

cendrawasih bird

Mammal species in this area are Zaglossus bruijnii, Tachyglossus aculeatus, tigers and kangaroos.

While the types of flora found were Nypa fruticans, Rizhophora apiculata, Pandanus julianettii, Colacasia esculenta, Avicennia marina, Podocarpus pilgeri and Nauclea coadunata. The beauty of flora and fauna becomes an interesting object for nature lovers and is protected by the government.

The best time to visit Lorentz National Park is August to December.

To get there, start from the city of Timika.

The journey continues south on the boat at the port of Sawa Erma. Once there, you can follow the path to the top of Trikora.

Natural landscapes, bird song, beetles on trees.

For you photography lovers, you will find many unusual places to shoot by the camera.

Basic knowledge about mountain climbing, navigation and survival must be controlled by tourists.

Make sure your body is in good health. Before your adventure, you must contact management before deciding.

Each province in Indonesia has its own culture, traditions, ethnicity and regional languages ​​in Indonesia. (if you visit several provinces).

For example in Papua which has biodiversity and culture.

The estimated age of the culture is thirty thousand years and is home to around nine different ethnic groups.

asmat tribes

Asmat with Joerat and Emariu Ducur, Ndgua, Somahai, Dani (Hupla, Mukoko, Hiriakup), Dani west or Lani, Moni or Dem, Amungme or Damal, Sempan and Comoros.

The Asmat are very popular abroad because of their unique and fantastic sculpture. You obscure the statue is a work of world culture.

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