Lovina Beach Bali is A Dolphin Watching Tour

Lovina Beach Bali is one of the usual beach holiday towns to visit with family in the 80s. The famous black sandy beach has a beautiful sea calm and supervisors dolphins and Bali West National Park, which is best known for Menjangan Island.

Lovina beach Bali

Located approximately 9 km west of Singaraja city, this is one of the attractions in North Bali.

Precisely in the Kalibukbuk area and several villages such as Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan, and other villages.

One of my favorite places is the Dolphin tour Lovina beach.

Signs painted by hand cheesy in hotels all wearing Lovina mascot, a dolphin.

Things to do in Lovina Beach

There are many things to do here.

You can take a walk along the black sand on the seashore. Perhaps exploring local shopping shack further accelerates. There are also diving and snorkeling in calm waters and sparkling sapphire.

Perhaps the most famous activity and arguably the most fun here is dolphins watching tour.

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Lovina beach

You can sail in calm waters about one kilometer from the coast to see hundreds of dolphins.

Finding a tour guide to take you out is easy because a lot of locals in Lovina rely upon dolphin tours as the only source of income.

To see the best dolphin was out into the water around 6 am, because dolphins happy to come out to play in the twilight of dawn.

Once you walk, the whole experience will last about two short hours.

However, be assured that it will be two hours of your life that you will remember with affection; the unforgettable moment you go and sail between dolphins in the beautiful North Bali.

How to go Lovina Beach Bali

If by air, you have to get off at the airport Ngurah Rai Bali. Perhaps the distance from Bali to Lovina about 110 km, and the time took about 3 hours. It’s like from south to north.

I think it’s better to use a tour guide. This will make it easier and faster to the destination without having to choose the road to be traversed. Unless you are a backpacker.


Lovina accommodation

Complete tourist facilities such as hotels, restaurants, bars, beach activities, art shops, banks, transportation, etc.

Accommodation in this area is available from star class hotels to small hotels, even homes for low budget travelers.

As well as the central tourist area of tourism in Singaraja.

Lovina gets the biggest visit of tourists visiting the northern part of Bali.

In addition to about 90% of the tourists who visit the northern part of Bali will at Lovina Beach.


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