7 Military Mens Fashion Essentials

Clothing worn by the military is based on practicality and uniformity. Starting from cargo pants, military backpacks, combat boots, and every item worn by soldiers has a specific function.

It is interesting, over time, the military-style has inspired the world of utilitarian fashion and unique concepts, especially in the world of men’s fashion.

Military Mens Fashion Essentials

Fashion generally signifies a form of support or protest. In the same breath, reactions to war represent in style, like showing one’s peaceful nature through the hippie style. Here fashion items are influenced by the military.

1. White T-shirt

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if the world’s most iconic menswear item was nothing more than underwear like a white T-shirt!

The most classic of the military world is the white crew-neck T-shirt worn by the US Navy in the 1910s. Until now, the white t-shirt has turned into a must-have fashion item.

2. Bomber Jacket

Like most military clothing, the bomber jacket was developed as a utility garment designed to keep pilots warm.

Initially, the bomber jacket was made of sheepskin and is now an essential piece for various reasons. Starting from a thin and thick bomber jacket or formal and casual styles can be created.

3. Chino Pants

Before landing on US campuses in the mid-20th century, the chino was made for war. Developed from Khaki pants, which were created as a way to disguise British troops stationed in India, the chinos are made from pure cotton twill in light brown to create a durable and comfortable garment during dusty wars.

Currently, chinos are not only worn by soldiers. People who cycle wear these pants!

4. Cardingan

As hard as it is to believe, your grandfather wasn’t the originator of the cardigan. This classic geek chic also has military roots.

Cardigans were worn by British soldiers during the Crimean War, believing the battle was fought between the Russian empire and the allies consisting of France, Great Britain, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Ottoman Empire. If you still need to be convinced that cardigans are cool, Kurt Cobain can prove it.

5. Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are inspired by the military world. Various pockets in the pants are not meaningless.

However, Cargo pants were first worn in 1938 by British military personnel. These cargo pants are part of their Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs).

For men who are lazy to carry bags, it seems that cargo pants will be the right pants to store things such as wallets and cellphones. These pants are also always worn by skaters.

6. Trench Coat

Worn by British soldiers, the trench coat can be traced to the Crimean War in 1853. This specially made waterproof coat was worn for active-duty soldiers.

Then in 1901, Thomas Burberry made this raincoat using gabardine cotton fabric and became one of the luxury brands with its flagship trench coat.

7. Aviator Sunglasses

Developed in 1936 by Bausch and Lomb, Sunglasses were produced specifically for pilots to protect their eyes during flight.

The Aviator Sunglasses is made lighter, thinner, and more stylish. One interesting fact is how a pair of glasses is highlighted internationally.

When General Douglas MacArthur is pictured wearing Aviator Sunglasses as he lands on a Philippine beach during World War II, they are instantly popular!


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