Moko Hill Bandung is a Popular Hill for Sunset and City Views

Moko Hill Bandung became my main destination to enjoy the view of Bandung city from the top of the hill. This hill is a cool natural tourist of Bandung, you know.

The height of Moko hill reaches 1500 meters above sea level.

Located in Cimenyan village, Bandung, West Java. Suitable for honeymoon or visiting with a partner.

To climb to Moko star hilltop isn’t so easy. However, when reached the top of the hill. There are exciting activities that you must do there.

Moko Hill Bandung

How to get to Moko Hill Bandung

If you’re a solo travel. You can start the journey from Cicaheum station.

From Bandung you can go to Cicaheum station by city transportation.

From station, you can order motorcycle taxi online transportation such as Gojek or Grab which can deliver to the destination.

However, if you ride a motorcycle taxi isn’t online.

They will attract high prices. You need to negotiate first to ascertain the price before using their services.

Meanwhile, if you use your own vehicle, the journey can also begin by heading to Cicaheum station area.

From there, take the road to Jl Padasuka until stuck. Here, you pass popular tours in Bandung such as Saung Angklung Udjo.

If you’ve passed a large banyan tree, that means you have arrived at the tourist attractions in Bandung Cartil.

While Moko Hill is the highest hilltop in the region. Previously, you will be charged Moko Hill Bandung entrance ticket first.

Actually there is another way to reach Moko Hill, but it isn’t recommended because the road conditions are more difficult to pass than on Padasuka Street. And at that time I used this road. lol.

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Things to do in Moko Hill

  1. Go Exploring the Pine Forest

While in the forest, you can see pine trees lined up neatly covered in fog. But, you have to come early.

Moko Hill Bandung

I mean, you have to visit in the morning to evening. Because it is the best time.

  1. Camping and Campfire

There are no cheap guest house in Moko Hill Bandung. Only a wide camping ground for your overnight.

I saw a travel partner carrying a backpack. I thought maybe they would do a honeymoon in a tent.

Maybe the tent will sway a little. lol

But, if you don’t bring a tent.

In this area there are affordable tent rentals for sleeping.

To warm the body and enliven the event at night, light a bonfire.

Don’t forget to maintain cleanliness while in this place.

  1. Enjoying Bandung night scenery in the Hill

The view of Moko hill at night is amazing, right?

It is open from 7am to 10pm.

Sparkling night lights decorated in the city of Bandung and stars in the sky.

4.Enjoy the sunset and sunrise

This is the best portrait to take.

Moko Hill Bandung

Sunset and sunrise that are so good can be the best moment on your Instagram account.

  1. Warung Daweung is a popular stall in the tourist area

The snack menu here is fried bananas, bandrek and others. Bandrek is a typical Indonesian warm water from plants such as ginger.

This is to warm your body.

This place also provides chairs and tables made of stone. So, you can sit and eat while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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