Vacation to go Climb Mount Tumpa in North Sulawesi

Mount Tumpa has a geographical shape which is mostly in the form of high land in North Sulawesi province.

North Sulawesi has several mountains including Mount Lokon which is famous for its volcanic activity, Mount Tondano which has a legendary Lake Tondano.

Mount Tumpa

Mount Tumpa is located in Tongkaina Village, Bunaken District, Manado City, North Sulawesi, which has a height of around 750 meters above sea level.

The small mountain is suitable for beginner climbers who love nature but wanted to try to conquer the mountain without having to spend a lot of energy.

This mountain is green protected forest overgrown by coconut trees in the form of community coconut plantations.

Hikers can see beautifully throughout Manado City and Bunaken Islands.

The beauty of Manado Tua Island and Bunaken Island look very beautiful and clearl when looking to the northwest.

At night with high position on Mount Tumpa, hikers can see the beauty of the lights that adorn Manado City.

Mount Tumpa Scenery

To Climb Tumpa Mountain is quite step and uphill like onther mountain.

The view of sunset and sunrise is very beautiful when it was at the peak.

Also found tourist sites Hill of Prayer tourism (Christian), but not as wide in Tomohon. This prayer hill to be a place of self-reflection.

Hill of Prayer is also quite often used as a retreat, which is usually performed 2-3 days. This place is crowded before Chirstmas and Easter.

There is also a tourist site called Mamre Green Hills.

To go both theese attractions, visitors can reach them using private vehicles because there is no public transportation to the Mountain tracks Tumpa, but to reach the top have to walk.

Mount Tumpa at Night
Mount Tumpa at Night

Usually the people around often come here on weekends and at night to enjoy the lights.

In the morning too many people came.

To go Mount Tumpa from Manado City only about 50 minutes from Manado city centre.

Tourists who wants to visit Mount Tumpa can travel northeast or south. Or also can go to Dimembe District to climb from the west.

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