Nusawiru Mangrove Pangandaran And Bridge of Love is A Nice Place in Batukaras

If you are vacationing at Batukaras beach only to learn surfing, why not you try to exploring some tourist attractions like Nusawiru Mangrove Pangandaran and the Bridge of love?

Nusawiru Mangrove Pangandaran

Why do they call Bridge of love?

Actually its name is mangrove bridge. However, known as Bridge of Love because a lot of people “selfie” and hang out with partner. The bridge is boardwalk is made of wood that were built on the mangroves along Cijulang river. The river it same to flow through the Green Canyon.

Bridge of Love

There, you can canoeing on a lake with the cost IDR 20.000 as much! You can also skydiving at Nusawiru Airport.

Mangrove bridge are in a Cijulang river, Sanghiang, Batukaras. Ticket price is very cheap, which is IDR 5.000 and to ride taxi bike IDR 10.000 one way.

I spent a vacation for four days. One days I stay on Sindangkerta beach and three days stay at home his grandfather’s my friend who was in Nusawiru.

In fact there are inns and hotels are available.

I am very grateful to stay at home and every meal I served a menu of seafood. It’s not bad headache because every day, seafood.

The first day:

From Nusawiru we’re riding boat in between and pick up a very cheap, which is IDR 20.000. Then we walk towards the coast of Batukaras and through the forest.

It’s very tiring because we’re down is not at the entrance to Batukaras.

After arriving, we’re playing on the beach and learned how to surf with foreign tourists.

Becuase it was Eid Mubarak. A lot of people for a vacation and surfing, but also quite difficult because it is hindered by some people play on the beach.

The second day:

Ok next, we canoeing. woohoo

It is the one I’ve been waiting for and I’ve never tried it.

We’re playing a canoe dan swim in the middle of the place to accommodate the fish by fishermen.

The water is so salty and we all have a cough because of salt lake water into the mouth. 😆 Check out the video.

After we played in the middle of the lake, we’re looking for land to pull over and take a rest first.

I passed the bridge of love and mangrove forests.

Before we pulled into the ground, I am very sad to see a grandfather taking a trash in middle of the lake. He is very noble, trash dumped by humans and he picked it up.

The end has come in the land, we’re hunting seashells an burn it! However, we don’t bring a matches. so, shell we take it home!

The third day:

We’re preparing to go home!

However, my friend even take us out to the falls in the form of xxx. He said “I forgot, there are some places that not been visited”

But I gotta go home, maybe someday we will revisit there.

How to get to Batu Karas Mangrove Bridge?

  • From the main road leading to Batu Karas, do not turn right when you get to the beach.
  • Turn left and walk past Villa Monkey and Bale Karang by the beach.
  • The road is a bit ugly but still passable by vehicle.
  • After approximately 2 km, you will see a signpost to the Mangrove Bridge.
  • Keep on this path until there is no way for the car.
  • From here, if you ride motorcycle can still go through a small lane. If you ride a car must park here then walk 800 meters or ride a motorcycle taxi IDR 10,000 per person one way.

How to get to Nusawiru Mangrove Pangandaran?

  • From the Cijulang Highway you enter the Nusawiru Airport, there is a two-way street.
  • Turn left onto the Airport, turn right into the mangrove forest (there is a sign inscribed on Batukaras mangrove) and ready to play canoeing.

Map of Mangrove Bridge

Map to canoeing

This is vacation! so guys, try to exploring because the regret happens at last-minute. enjoy your holiday!

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