Olele Marine Park is The Best Diving Site in Gorontalo

Olele Marine Park is a popular underwater tour in Gorontalo which has the advantage of underwater natural wealth and the beauty of coral reefs.

Located in the village of Olele, District Kabila Bone, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo Province.

The distance is about 20 km from Gorontalo city center, or about 30 minutes to get to the olele tourist park.

In every month, Olele Beach is always filled with local and foreign tourists.

White sandy beach which is very close to residential areas. Clear water and well-maintained coral reefs. This is proof that the people around still care and understand the potential of the wealth that exists in their area.

Olele marine park

Colorful coral in various forms and other marine life. One of the rare coral reefs that you can find is a reef that resembles the work of Italian Picasso carving artists.

At a depth of 2 meters, coral reefs are clearly visible. These waters are quite calm because it is located in Tomini Bay.

So it’s safe to diving to bottom and snorkeling.

In Olele Marine Park, there are at least nine places with different characteristics. Jinn Cave, Traffic Cicle, Honeycomb, Muck Dive, and others.

Olele village

Jinn Cave is a favorite of divers. This is a coral reef in the shape of a cave.

In this marine park there are endemic coral sponges that aren’t found in any waters.

Salvador Dali is an area that has a cavity captivating coral reefs. fact, Salvador Dali is a name given because it resembles the work of Salvador Dali painting, a famous painter Spain.

Other places are beautiful too. There are spots with coral shaped like a pole and flowers shaped like a beehive.

If you can’t dive and want to enjoy the beauty of Olele Marine Park. You can use the glass boats that are already available at tourist sites.

This boat is made by residents who are ready to take tourists who want to navigate the waters to enjoy the beauty of colorful coral reefs, fish species and other marine life.

For accommodation can stay in rooms house the locals. The price offered depends on the outcome of negotiations between you and the homeowner. But you don’t worry because the price is definitely affordable. In addition, the residents are also very friendly to tourists who come.

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