• wakatobi national park
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    Wakatobi National Park: The Best Place for Diving and Snorkeling

    Wakatobi National Park is one of 50 national parks in Indonesia covering an area of ​​1,390,000 hectares. Located in Wakatobi district, Southeast Sulawesi. Wakatobi is short for the names of four large islands in the region, namely Wangi-wangi Island, Kaledupa Island, Tomia Island and Binongko Island. The diversity of flora and fauna exceeds types of coral reefs in the Caribbean sea (50 species) and the Red Sea in Egypt (300 species). Vertically or horizontally, some waters have steep turns. The water depth is 1,044 meters with basic water mostly of sand and coral. Wakatobi National Park has a variety of ecosystems and marine species are almost the same in Raja…

  • iboih beach
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    Iboih Beach Weh Island is A Hidden Paradise in Sabang, Aceh

    Wind slapped the face and wooden boats floating in the water, slowly moving along the shallow waters of Iboih Beach. The water is so clear and has gradations of green and blue. White sand beaches and surrounded by protected forests including flora and fauna. For me, Iboih like a hidden paradise that has a calm and peaceful atmosphere, you know. Iboih Beach is one of the popular beaches in Aceh (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam), known as Teupin Layeu or harbor that use to go to Rubiah Island. Located in west of Weh Island, the western end of Aceh Island, Sabang, Sumatra Indonesia. Precisely in Iboih village, Sukakarya Sub-District, Sabang, Aceh, Sumatra…

  • batu karas beach
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    Batu Karas Beach is The Best Place to Learn to Surf

    Batu Karas Beach is a tourist attraction on the south coast of Java. This is a natural combination of Pangandaran Beach and Batu Hiu Beach. Black sand beach that facing directly into the Indian Ocean with calm natural life and one of the perfect places for a vacation in West Java Island, Indonesia. Located in Batu Karas village, Cijulang sub-district, Pangandaran district, West Java Province, Indonesia. From Green Canyon about 12 km and 34 km from Pangandaran Beach. A quiet place is the main destination of your vacation when compared to Pangandaran Beach.  For surfing lovers, this beach is a paradise for you because it is the best surfing spot…

  • Pangandaran beach
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    Pangandaran Beach is The Number 1 Tourist Attraction in West Java

    Pangandaran Beach West Java is a tourist attraction on the south coast of Java that has the beauty of black sand beaches and white sand beaches. Located in the southeast of West Java, precisely in Penanjung village, Pangandaran district, West Java province. Calm waves and spectacular sunset views in the afternoon. Pangandaran tourism which is famous as a fishing village is still overrun by tourism every big day, weekends and New Year’s Eve. Even though there was an earthquake and tsunami a few years ago. The tourists come from Bandung, Jakarta or outside Java Island. They use transportation such as buses, private cars and motorcycles. Black beaches will never stand…