• Things to do in Nusa Penida
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    Kelingking Beach Bali is A Hidden Gem in Nusa Penida

    Kelingking Beach is an amazing tour destination in Bali when vacation to Nusa Penida Island. Located in Bunga Mekar Village, Karang Dawa, Nusa Penida District. Spectacular beach cliffs and outstanding as T-rex with a height of 150-200 meters above sea level that will surely make you cringe, you know! Here, you see the waves hit the cliffs, white sand beach, blue water and feel the wind blowing in your face. You feel high above the water. Bali natural beauty is amazing and quite enjoyed only in Bali Island. But there are still many good attractions in this region such as Ceningan Island, Nusa Lembongan Island and Menjangan Island. Things to do…

  • Batam Island
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    14 Best Things to do in Batam with Family or Friends

    Batam¬†is a tropical city of Riau Islands Province, which has hilly terrain and valleys. Located about 20 km from Singapore, with a ferry from Singapore to Batam approximately 40 minutes. It would be a perfect weekend getaway near Singapore and things to do in Batam with family or friends. I heard from someone that Batam nightlife has been known as a dirty old men looking for showgirls to sleep with. But, I guess Batam island is famous as a place where people come to relax and get away from everything and a great place where you can enjoy water sports fun, fresh seafood, cheap Batam shopping, spa & massage affordable.…

  • Gorontalo
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    15 Best Things to do in Gorontalo on Weekends

    Gorontalo is a province and city of the same name, which is Gorontalo city. Gorontalo province¬†consists largely of mountainous area that stretches from north to south. The mountains and forests scenery is fabulous. This is homes to unique flora and fauna. In the southern part of Gorontalo Indonesia is Tomini Bay. Tomini crossed by the equator and naturally inhabited by diverse species of marine animals. This is a paradise for divers Here, there are several small islands scattered. Most islands are uninhabited and very beautiful white sand surrounds. Things to do in Gorontalo Pulo Cinta This is a mainstay of Indonesia’s international tourism in Gorontalo Province which is located in…