Pangandaran Beach West Java is The Number 1 Tourist Attraction

Pangandaran Beach West Java is a tourist attraction on the south coast of Java that has the beauty of black sand beaches and white sand beaches.

Located in the southeast of West Java, precisely in Penanjung village, Pangandaran district, West Java province.

It has calming waves and spectacular sunset views in the afternoon.

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran tourism is famous as a fishing village is still overrun by tourism every big day, weekend, and New Year Eve.

And there were an earthquake and tsunami a year ago.

The tourists come from Bandung, Jakarta, or outside Java Island. They use transportation such as buses, private cars, and motorcycles.

Black beaches will never stand a chance compared to Bali when it comes to attracting the big crowds.

12 Things to do in Pangandaran Beach

There are so many things to do in Pangandaran beach that make you feel comfortable to spend your vacation time.

Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran has two beautiful beaches on the west and east. Pangandaran west is an ideal tourist destination that is safe and comfortable. In this area, you can be swimming, sunbathing, biking, and more.

1. Banana boat

The first thing I did when visiting Pangandaran before I go further was to rent a banana boat.

I want to make my friends feel drunk. lol

We are holding on to a rope in the balloon, and they will pull the motorboat at high speed.

Then they will spin and make the balloon fall.

2. Donat boat

It is the same as Banana boat because two of these activities is the best things to do in Pangandaran beach by local tourist. However, we only focus on holding on to one string. They ride a motorboat at high speed, but it will not make you fall.

However, you will get seasick. lol

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3. West Beach

Pananjung Beach is a stretch of soft white sandy beaches and coral reefs that become powerful magnets to visit.

Located on the southern coast of Pangandaran area divided into 2 parts, west white sand, and east white sand.

Pangandaran Beach White Sand

Here, the wreck of a Viking fishing vessel stranded near White Sand Beach after being bombed by Susi Pudjiastuti (Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) years ago.

4. East Beach

An east beach is a place for jet ski and banana boat, even famous for culinary delights. Of course, the special menu provided is seafood.

Local tourists usually buy souvenirs at the first market for their families.

In the south, there is a fish market that directly buys fresh fish from the fishermen.

5. Pangandaran Nature Reserve

Pangandaran Beach

The Nature reserve and National Park are places that are protected by the Governments.

This forest is a place to living such as monkeys, deer, flora, and fauna. Not only that, but there are also some natural caves and artificial caves built by Japan during the second world war as a bunker.

In this area, some waterfalls directly lead to the sea. If you are curious to see a waterfall that flows directly to the beach, visit this hill.

6. Go Explore Cave

It is mystical. Before leaving, you will give a flashlight to explore the cave. There are 7 Caves in Nature Reserve.

There are unique stones shaped like male and female genitals.

Pangandaran Beach Cave

In myth, if you are a man or woman who hasn’t found a lover. The things to do is hold the opposite xxx. lol

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7. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is fun, right? So you will see coral and swim with fish. However, you should buy bread before you go because the fish won’t come if there is no food.

When you go with a tour guide, you will see the big stones explained in detail.

8. Go Surfing

Batukaras Beach is a black sand beach. This beach is the best for surfing. Located in Batu Karas village, District Cijulang, Pangandaran Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia.

batu karas beach

The travel time is about 1 hour from Pangandaran.

Besides, you can be canoeing at Pangandaran Nusawiru Mangrove and Skydiving at Nusawiru Airport.

Go to Batukaras can do it yourself by online transportation on your smartphone such as Gojek or Grab or using travel agents.

9. Pangandaran Green Canyon

The green canyon is not only in America. There are also here, you know.

Pangandaran Green Canyon is the Cijulang River that flows through a cave, hills, rocks, and trees. Located in Kertayasa village, Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia.

Pangandaran Green Canyon

Here, you can swim in a cave and body rafting.

It is one way to go Batukaras, Batu Hiu Beach, and Citumang. So you can go here first before going to your destination.

10. Citumang

Citumang River (Green Valley) is a river of clear springs surrounded by trees.


Here, you can body rafting to exploring river water for 3-4 hours.

Located in Bojong Village, Parigi District, Pangandaran. 19 km from Pangandaran to the west. It is taken by renting a vehicle or using online transportation such as Gojek.

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11. Karang Nini Beach

karang nini pangandaran

Here some corals resemble a grandmother is waiting for her husband. So this beach attraction is named Karang Nini Beach.

Located in Desan Emplak, Kalipucang District, Pangandaran Sub-district.

12. Pangandaran Bamboo Cafe

It is my favorite cafe and the best things to do in Pangandaran Beach at night. I was usually playing billiards with my friends and enjoying the nightlife.

Pangandaran Bamboo Cafe

I don’t know when the cafe transformed with beautiful decorations but now even better.

How to get to Pangandaran Beach

Going to Pangandaran Beach without a tour guide is very easy. Even the government plans to revive the railway line.

  1. If you’re living in Jakarta, you take the Budiman bus from Jakarta at Kampung Rambutan Station. Jakarta to Pangandaran approximately 6 hours to get. After arriving, you can take a pedicab, online transportation, or on foot.
  2. If you’re living in Bandung, take the Budiman bus from Bandung to Pangandaran. If you don’t ride on a one-way, you will stop in Tasikmalaya, Banjar, or Ciamis. You also can make the flight Bandung to Pangandaran with Susi plane only takes 40 minutes and arrived at Pangandaran airport.
  3. If you have more money, you can use the travel agent services to go.


Ticket Price

Prices are cheap but sometimes change.

  • Pedestrian 1 Person IDR 5800
  • Motorcycles IDR 15,000
  • Vehicles Type Jeep IDR 34.000
  • Vehicle Type Carry IDR 65.000
  • Large Passenger Vehicle IDR 93.000
  • Small Bus IDR 122.000
  • Medium Bus IDR 186.000
  • Large Bus IDR 307.000

Pangandaran Hotels

So many hotels in Pangandaran beach to stay that fit every budget scattered throughout the city. Most are on the road along the beach or in an alley not far from the road. The room is clean and equipped with a fan and AC.

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1. Sun in Pangandaran

Sun in Pangandaran hotel is a three-star hotel and friendly staff. The room was spacious here are very competitive in price for the quality and facilities offered. There is a swimming pool in dark blue that is very popular with children and adults.

The deluxe rooms are nice also big bed with blanket, AC, TV, clean bathroom a bit strange because the floor is metal, and the last one there is easy access to the pool. By increasing your budget, you can upgrade to a Deluxe Seaview room type views over the East Coast. Book now on Agoda.

2. Laut Biru Resort Hotel

Make your trip to Pangandaran the best with quality assurance from Indonesia Care, and enjoy free car parking.

Laut Biru Resort Hotel is strategically located on the West Coast, allowing you access and close distance to local attractions and attractions.

This 3-star property has an outdoor swimming pool to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable.

3. Malabar Hotel

Get off to a great start to your vacation by staying at hotel malabar, which offers free car parking.

Strategically located on the West Coast, allowing you access and close proximity to local attractions and attractions.

Don’t go home before visiting the famous Nusawiru Airport.

An outdoor swimming pool, massage and restaurant are some of the special facilities that will enhance your comfort during your stay.

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Most areas provide various souvenirs typical to take homes such as food, Pangandaran beach style clothing, miniatures, handicrafts, etc. It might be useful to complete your collection or as a home decoration.

Pangandaran Beach

Some decoration crafts such as shells and snails, some units are on sale and displayed. These handicraft sellers can found near the crowd.

Another product that can use as a gift is clothing.

You can buy it in all areas. But this is usually by local tourists to give a gift to family or friends.


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