Tour Parangtritis Beach by Old Motorcycle with Honda CB Classic

CB Indonesia motorcycle community held an event called CB Police, this tour was held at Parangtritis Beach. A popular beach in Yogyakarta.

I think this go to Borobudur temple, coz I could visit for the second time. hehe..

Traveling with the community is fun, you know! We can get to know each other in a community every region in Indonesia.

I left home at 3 pm and was picked up by my friend.

From West Java to Yogyakarta, it’s far enough. Yeah, I spent one full day to arrive at the location.

Vacation using a motorcycle is really cool. although tired, but all was lost when seeing beautiful scenery in all directions.

My motorbike has stalled and flat tires while traveling was normal.

Finally we arrived, break is the great time.

Strong winds and scorching sun welcomed us while in the tourist area.

Parangtritis Beach
Parangtritis is a popular tourist beach in Yogyakarta, which has a unique geological formation. Characterized by sand dunes, rocky formations, and black sand beaches.

Located 27 km south of the city of Jogja and easily reached by public transportation.

Tourist beach and village area on the southern in Kretek District, Bantul, Province of the Yogyakarta Special Region.

Entrance fee to the tourist area is IDR 5,000. And parking fee is IDR 2,000 for motobikes and IDR 3,000 for cars.

Suitable for solo travel, couple or family. The view of sunset isn’t inferior to Kuta Beach in Bali.

People in Yogyakarta City call it Paris Beach, because it is the most famous in the culture of the city with a million beauties and mystical.

Southern coast of Java is the gateway to the Royal Palace of the Southern Sea, led by Nyi Roro Kidul (ratu kidul).

She is a beautiful woman who ruler in Indian Ocean.

That said, Ratu kidul queen likes the color green. So, visitors aren’t advised to wear green clothes or something bad will happen.

Believe it or not, you should avoid green when visiting this tourist spot.

Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach is also said to be one of the symbols of trinity strength in Yogyakarta along with Mount Merapi and the Sultanate of Yogyakarta Palace.

If drawn from a straight line, three of line up in same line from north to south.

Things to do in Parangtritis Beach

1. Paragliding

Paragliding is an interesting activity. You can take off from a hillside or mountain by using the wind.

2. Sand Dune

Sand Dune is a unique natural phenomenon in areas that have high rainfall such as Yogyakarta.

Sand Dune

This place is often do such as a pre-wedding photo, films, vlog and sandboarding.

3. Horse riding and ATV

So next, if you wanna go around at beach. You can walk while enjoying the wind and the waves of the sea.

Don’t want to run out of energy? You can try walking around uses the horse or you can also take a train ready to go around the beach or rent an atv all terrain vehicle.

4. Enjoy roasted corn at sunset

When Sunset, the beach will be crowded. Many people use their own camera to get the best pictures at sunset.

Roasted Corn

You can also sit and enjoying the sunset with roasted corn and coconut ice.

How to go Parangtritis Beach

To the south, in the Bantul region, is the Giwangan bus station, the largest bus station in Indonesia. The centre of metropolitan Yogyakarta is surrounded by a ring road.

1. From Giwangan Bus Station and Jombor Bus

Take a bus to Jogja – Tempel, Jombor (Tempel – Jogja).

Get off at the ring road intersection (jl. Paris). Next, take a bus to Parangtritis.

2. From Adicucipto Airport

Take the Train and get off at Tugu station.

Take Jogja Trans and get off at Beteng Wetan Corner Shelter. Next, take a bus to Parangtritis. It’s almost the same from Lempunyangan Station.

3. Online Transportation

You can order motorcycle taxi online like Grab or Gojek.

They will drive you directly to your destination from the pick-up point. This isn’t only a motorcycle, even a car.


Parangtritis accommodation

Parangtritis beach hotels very much and you can get. There are several hotels and locations that are close to tourist attractions.


There are many traders who go around offering unique crafts in Jogja. But I prefer Malioboro.


Beringhardjo Market is one of the traditional markets in Yogyakarta that is visited by tourists.

I can find batik with various motifs, crafts, snacks, accessories and spices as a producer of traditional herbal medicine (wedang ginger).

In addition, there is a beach that is also used as a fish auction, so many stalls that make seafood. Among these stalls there is seafood that sells distinctive flavors.

It is Depok Beach. Serveing other seafood dishes such as shrimp, crabs and fresh squid that are ready to be served.

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