Sakura Hill Kemiling is A New Tourist Spot in Lampung

Sakura Hill is a new tourist attraction in Bandar Lampung City, that has the nuances of Sakura (Japan) such as decorated with Sakura trees, windmills and other Japanese decorations.

In detail, located on Melati Raya street, Langkapura, Bandar Lampung City, Lampung.

Sakura hill
Pic by mustikaapriliani

This tourist spot is named Sakura Hill Kemiling.

You know, after passing through the entrance, you will feel like in Japan.

Honestly, this tourist spot is recommended only for travel couples or family vacations.

Ticket prices are very cheap.

Things to do in Sakura Hill.

  • Take a picture.

People will never leave their mark when they travel.

Sakura tree’s an icon of Sakura Hill Kemiling. This plant is a typical vegetation of Japan.

in addition, artificial bridges with air balloons as decoration. From the bridge, you can see the background of Lampung City from a distance.

Sakura Hill Kemiling
Pic by Erikemon

The high location makes the whole city look beautiful. At night all the lights in the park are on and you see scenery of the City at night without skyscrapers.

  • Japanese & Korean Cosplay

It will be really real. Japanese and Korean traditional clothing rental such as Kimono and Hanbok are also equipped with accessories such as umbrellas and clogs.

Sakura Hill Lampung
Pic by aliyank2526

NaaaaaNiiiii ???

Yeah, you can pose in photo spots around the park area.

How to go to Sakura Hill

To go tourist attractions is very easy. From downtown Bandar Lampung it only takes about 15 minutes by motorcycle or car.

Because these attractions are already quite popular, it is also quite easy to use online transportation such as Gojek or Grab.


The manager has provided a canteen, Musola, free wifi, outdoor cafe and live music performances.

You can choose a gazebo or something else that is available free for break. Have a nice day.

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