Senggigi Beach Lombok is The Best Than Bali

Senggigi Beach Lombok is the best than Bali which is located in Batu Layar District, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

White sandy beaches with colorful coral, even combined with black sand.

senggigi beach lombok

The coastline is very long compared to Kuta Beach. Clear sea water and calm waves, it becomes comfortable when visiting.

So no wonder, if it were on vacation in Bali and continue to go to Lombok.

Other interested attractions in Lombok are the Gili Islands which consist of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. And the other best beaches in Lombok are Tanjung Aan Beach, Kuta Beach Lombok.

Overall, it was not easy to understand why Senggigi is so famous. But while we finally enjoyed walking along the beach during sunset time.

It became very clear that Senggigi might be a great vacation spot for families and local tour groups, but not a backpacker tourist destination. Only many little street vendors on the main road make it up and provide at least some very good local dinner choices.

5 Best Things to do in Senggigi Beach Lombok

1. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Snorkeling and Scuba diving are a popular activities of locals and foreign tourists. You can see the colorful coral formations and enjoying the beauty of marine life.

things to do in Senggigi Beach

If you no have skill, scuba diving can be guided directly by the experts.

2. Go Surfing

This is the best things to do in Senggigi Beach Lombok. I like the one with water.

things to do in Senggigi Beach

A suitable place for surfing is in the south coast, because the waves there are very nice and decent for surfing.

3. Massage

full day of activity was exhausting. Especially if you’ve do something, but it was blocked by the work and you do it again.

massage senggigi

The muscle will feel stiff. So, I think this is an effective way to treat panic muscle.

So, please go to some places on the main road to try it. But if you are in a luxury hotel, maybe it’s already in one package.

4. Cooking Class

I don’t know about cooking, this is like a boom.

things to do in Senggigi Beach

You can try private lessons with a chef or learn traditional Indonesian cuisine and fun. Then you will appreciate the beautiful scenery while enjoying your own cooked meal.

5. Go Explore Handicrafts

Meet professional traditional weavers, who have been doing it for years. This is located in Sukarara village.

things to do in Senggigi Beach

They are adept at creating art from a fabric that becomes income.

Another things to do in Senggi beach Lombok that you can try are swimming, fishing and others.

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We also feel satisfied with the activity from morning to evening. This is the best time to watching sunset time with my coffee and Garpit cigarettes.

things to do in Senggigi Beach

The thing that made it more special was the appearance of Mount Agung in Bali and Malimbu Hill looks black like the great pyramid makes up at the end of our vision.

If you look closer, Mount Agung seen floating in Lombok Island.

How to get to Senggigi Beach

Go to Sengigigi isn’t too difficult, even in modern times like this. There are many applications that can be used as a guide map to your destination.

You can ask some questions of the Lombok tourism office or available in most hotels.

Sengigi Beach from Mataram city, you will spend 30 minutes by car or motorcycle.

If you’re a traveler leap of Bali, you can use the sea route by using Ferry for about 3 and a half hours to Bai Harbor, then you can proceed to Mataram City from Lembar Harbor.

Or direct flights to Lombok International Airport.


Senggigi Accommodations

Senggigi Beach hotels and facilities are avaliable with a friendly staff. From luxury has a private beach, extra beds, tennis courts and more.

Kila Senggigi Beach Lombok also highly recommended for your stay on weekend. You can see reviews of those who have stayed at Kila.

Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort offers a magnificent evening for those who want to celebrate love and romance.

Imagine sipping wine with delectable choice of dishes on a romantic dinner under the stars amid the scenic beauty of Senggigi Beach while the ambient background music completes the experience.

Other facilities such as restaurants, live music, Art Market, Bar Beach, karaoke, pubs and massage places are open until morning.

As well as local food vendors. Food from abroad are also available as Alberto famous cafe with pizza.

Senggigi nightlife

Senggigi Beach night life is very crowded. I don’t want to put my ass on a chair, some people aren’t in the beach area. Many cafes and clubs, food and beverages such as yes makes you fly to the moon with DJ music.

Some cafes serving big screen to watch together and dancing with a DJ.


One of the places that sell a variety of souvenirs Lombok is Art Market. Here are selling like woven fabric, pearl jewelry Lombok and other. This market is open from 08:00 am – 8:00 at night.

Or you can visit other places to hunt for souvenirs. as:

  1. Dodol Seaweed

This souvenir is a typical food from Lombok. Dodol is ordinary food, but not as usual. Seaweed dodol is fresh and sweet. There are various fruit flavors such as jackfruit, mango, and soursop.

Seaweed dodol is like eating jelly. Not only the taste of fruit, there is also a taste of vegetables and corn.

You can buy it at one of the popular places to get it at Phoenix Food, located in Cakranegara.

  1. Sumbawa Honey

Sumbawa is one of the best honey producers in Indonesia. You can get it here.

There are two types of honey, brown-colored yellow honey and white honey from bees.

Sumbawa honey is believed to enhance the immune system and treat various diseases. White honey is believed to cure hysteria.

This honey is easy to get. In food stores like Phoenix or at the Cilinaya souvenir center.

  1. Sumbawa Oil

This is a gift that is suitable for parents or grandparents, but can also be for yourself when tired from work.

This oil is warm and has a special odor to cure pain, sprains, relieve arthritis and other muscular diseases.

Can be found in many places in Cakranaegara and Cilinaya areas.

  1. Pearl Necklace

The most luxurious pearl souvenir. You have to dig deeper into the bag to be able to buy it.

Available in black and white pearl bracelets.

Cheap or expensive depending on size. Pearl necklaces are also available, but the most expensive is the ring.

  1. Sasak Clothing

For fans of fashion made from Nusantara clothing, these items must be purchased.

Sasak fabrics are available in various price options. The motives are getting smoother and better, the price is more expensive.

Other hand weaving with gold thread is sold at a higher price.

Not all fabrics must be purchased in material form.

Fabric can be bought in the form of a shirt and in the form of a shawl or pashmina.

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