Sentarum Lake National Park Tourism

Sentarum Lake and Sentarum Lake National Park is located in Kapuas Hulu Regency, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan is famous for its natural attractions.

Sentarum Lake National Park consists of Hill Lanjak, Hill Tekenang and Nanga Kenelang to see the lake scenery.

The boat is a means of transportation for residents there. We can boating while enjoying the natural beauty in Lake Sentarum.

Sentarum Lake
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Sentarum Lake is one of the longest rivers in Indonesia which has an area of ​​about 1,320 km² and is also the largest land area in Asia.

The best time to visit is the dry season.

Every year, for 10 months the lake is usually filled with water. when the water recedes, the lake will divide like a small pond filled with fish.

In addition, there are flora and fauna. There are 510 species of plant species and 33 endemic species of Sentarum Lake National Park, including 10 new species and 141 species of mammal species of Danau Sentarum National Park.

There are also 29 other species including endemic species and 64% of these mammals are endemic to Borneo. Lake Sentarum as one of the most complete freshwater fish habitat in the world.

Things you must do at Sentarum Lake

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Interesting place to enjoy the beauty of Sentarum Lake is seeing lives of traditional residents around national parks such as the tribe of Dayak Iban, Sontas, Sebaruk, Kenyah and Punan tribes.

The longhouse (Betang) inhabited by these tribes varies in size as a traditional house that is still used by Dayaks tribe. some are inhabited by 5-8 households and some are inhabited by 15-30 households.

The longhouse, which is inhabited by 15-30 households, has an average length of about 186 meters and a width of about 6 meters.

Sentarum Lake

Life in the betang house shows a harmony and friendliness of the tribe, usually if you are lucky to be welcomed with a Dayak dance (at certain events).

You can also participate or just see a variety of activities of the Dayak community in general such as farmers, gardening, and fishing and others.

Dayak communities in the Danau Sentarum area usually grow fruit and for people who live in the upper reaches of the river, they usually fulfill their needs by catching and raising fish.

Danau Sentarum National Park also has unique and native plants such as Tembesu / Tengkawang, lowland forest plants such as jelutung, ramin (Gonystylus bancanus), meranti, keruing, and ironwood.

In this lake also lives around 265 species of fish Starting from a small one about 1 cm, namely Linut fish (Sundasalax cf. Microps), Tapah fish (Wallago leeri) which can reach sizes of approximately 200 cm. various types of fish that are usually for consumption such as Toman, Belida, Lais, Acne and Patin are found here.

Types of ornamental fish such as Uling Uli and Red Arawana Super fish. Even there are also the Frog Crocodiles or Rabin Crocodiles (Crocodylus raninus) which in Asia have been declared extinct since 150 years ago, but local people estimate the crocodiles are still found in this region.

Lake Sentarum is also one of the paradise for bird lovers because in the Sentarum Lake National Park you can see birds which are icons of the Dayak community, namely hornbills.

How to go Sentarum Lake National Park

To go Sentarum Lake, travel through Pontianak. so the route you will take is Pontianak-Sintang-Semitau using a four-wheeled vehicle about 11 hours drive or using another alternative that is via Sintang-Semitau by using a longboat (bandong) about 7 hours.

From Semitau to the location using a motorboat to Lanjak destination.

If you want to be even faster using the Pontianak-Putussibau plane with an airplane about 2 hours and from Putussibau to Nanga Suhaid by longboat about 7 hours.


Sentarum Lake Accommodations

Sentarum Accommodation

For tourists who want to stay, there are jasmine class lodgings located in Lanjak, Selimbau and floating houses (lanting) in Semitau or you can also stay at people’s homes around the national park.

Typical Souvernir Sentarum


For souvenirs, you can buy pure honey processed by the local community, fish, souvenirs typical of the Dayak tribe.

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