5 Spicy Food Indonesia from Typical and Popular. Dare to Try?

Not only the stone formation, Indonesia is also famous for spicy food.

Honestly, I don’t really like spicy food Indonesia because when I go to toilet that looks like hurts when someone wanna go out. lol

But my mother likes all that spicy food.

I know the people here if they eat no add chili sauce and vegetables to the list will taste bland on their tongues.

for example when they cooking chicken, typical food or whatever. they always complement it with sauce tomato and chili sauce.

And they think it’s fresh. So,

The List spicy food Indonesia street or restaurants.

1. seblak setan

This is a popular spicy food street Indonesia in Bandung City. It was savory and spicy, you know.

spicy food indonesia
Seblak Devil

Seblak Setan which means Seblak Satan/Devil is food made from wet crackers are cooked with vegetables or noodles.

But sometimes they add chicken, processed beef or sausage to the list.

I swear, these foods can make you look younger and refresh your mind. Trust me!

2. Bakso

Bakso or Baso is a common type of meatballs. in general this food is made from a mixture of ground beef and flour.

Sometimes they make it with chicken, fish or shrimp.

spicy food indonesia

It feels very tasteful. If you don’t like spicy food, you can order it without sauce.

Even meatballs can also be order without soup.

3. Ayam geprek

Ayam Geprek is a typical Indonesian fried chicken which is pulverized or crushed with chili sauce.

seasoning and chili are combined with chicken meat. It tastes very delicious.

spicy food indonesia
Ayam Geprek (crispy chicken food)

This food has a spicy level.

It depends on you when ordering.

In addition, you can order it with additional cheese or mozarella cheese.

spicy food indonesia
Ayam Geprek Cheese

4. Rendang

Rendang is beef whose cooking process is low temperature for a long time using various spices and coconut milk.

spicy food indonesia

This is a typical Indonesian food from Minangkabau. it tastes very delicious, even the world admit it.

If you try cooking this at home. You need hours.

5. Mie Aceh

This is noodles from Aceh. Characteristic of these noodles are thick and large.

If you traveling to Iboih. You can order with soup or dry.

spicy food indonesia
Aceh noodles

This food is mixed with beef or mutton. But if you like seafood. You can add that.


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