12 Suitable Surfing Tips for Beginners

Have you been on vacation to Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, and Sumatra? You will see surfers the action in the middle. The high waves and beautiful beach views are a surfer’s paradise.

Bali is an excellent choice for those looking to surf. Surfing is everything on this Indonesian island, with plenty of surf shops, schools, and campsites.

But there are also a lot of good people in the water or on the beach, and people should be ready by the fact that there are always plenty of people who were on the same wavelength.

So that not to be disappointed with the waves and Bali Island, it is best to go there during the summer, when the beaches and water become clearer, and the waves are bigger. The main misconception of beginners is that they think “yes because Bali has the best waves, we will soon learn there“.

The waves in Bali are really good. But no beginner can appreciate the most famous places on the island. To do this, you need to drive and stay for a very long time and be very polite.

Tips for learning to surf for Beginners

Surfing is fun and enjoyable, but learning success depends on many factors. Physical fitness, attention, patience, the right conditions, equipment, and instructors also influence.

Surfing Tips for Beginners

Today I want to remind you of simple rules, which increases the likelihood that training will be effective!

1. Self-teaching is not the best option

Self-teaching is not the best option

If you think surfing is taking a board, swimming out to sea, and catching waves. You think, even if you have a strong theoretical basis, in practice everything is difficult, and with no view of the outside, it is easy to make a lot of mistakes.

They will take root, and retraining is many times more difficult than learning. Therefore, take lessons in surf school, let the instructor help you apply the right technique.

2. Choose training with video analysis

The phrase “It is better to see once than hear a hundred times” more than applies to surfing.

A simple example is when the instructor says that you need to sit down to keep your balance better, 80% of students, instead of bending their knees, bend forward and find themselves in an even less stable position.

In this case, the head turns out to be completely lower, and it is very difficult to understand that you did something wrong. But the next time you see yourself in the video in the “cancer” pose, next time you won’t make the same mistake.

3. You should on a large board

I often find that beginner surfer tend to quickly move to a shorter board or even start right away with a shorter board. – According to the coach.

It is a very dangerous tactic! The shortboard is designed to be maneuverable, so if you still don’t know how to catch the waves and ride in a straight line, it definitely won’t help you.

Big board forgives a lot of mistakes, it will catch more waves and learn to drive faster.

4. Best beginner board – Soft top

Soft-top is a large volumetric board with a rubberized surface and soft fins.

It is specially designed for beginner surfing lessons! Thanks to its large capacity, this soft top is buoyant and stable, making it very easy to catch waves.

Because the material is soft, safe. If there is a collision, it will fill the small impact to the maximum. Transition to a solid board only after you master the basics of technology!

5. Choose the right place to practice

Tips for learning to surf for Beginners

The waves are different, and some points require a certain level of preparation. If your experience is not yet rich, you should not rush and go for a ride on the big, sharp waves. It’s dangerous for you and those around you.

Be patient and start with simple conditions. Everything has its time. If you have that desire, a day when you are on the tube will surely come!

6. Don’t rush into the water

Even with the right plank and in the usual place, you shouldn’t rush into the water. Take a closer look at what is happening in the ocean, whether the conditions are right for you.

Check equipment, boards, and ropes, heating. What the oceans are sure to hate is the rush, so take some time at the beach to organize your thoughts.

7. Keep calm

Tips for learning to surf for Beginners

Beginner surfers are passionate about the ocean, and that’s fine. Everything is new and unusual to you, but vanity is one of the main enemies of surfing.

But good qualities for a surfer are calm and concentration. If you feel too excited, swim to the side, sit down and breathe.

The waves aren’t going anywhere, and once you’ve calmed down, you better get on.

8. Compete with yourself, not others

There are many surfers in the ocean, and they all have different experiences and backgrounds. You should not be guided by anyone other than yourself.

The speed of progress is also different for each person. A focus on the process and try to improve your results, not chasing strangers, it all comes with a time.

9. Wait for the waves while sitting, not lying down

And this is very useful practical advice. At first, sitting on the board is not easy at all. You have to try hard to maintain balance.

But it’s a necessary skill that will allow you to spin fast and generally feel the board is better. So, every time you wait for the waves, don’t lie down but sit down. You will quickly get used to it.

10. Stay slack

A surfer spends 90% of his time rowing on the sea. And even more novice surfers! Your arms will be hard at first, but a good curve will take the load off of your biceps and triceps, and you will be less tired.

Besides, you have to look at where you are rowing, and then a deflection will occur in the back, or the neck. The latter is dangerous for the spine, so we gathered strength and tore the chest off the surfboard!

11. Doesn’t climb

In surfing, everyone falls, regardless of the level of training. Of course, the beginners fall more often, but their mix is not so bad, because conditions are simpler.

In any case, if you are going to surf, familiarize yourself with the fact that you will periodically fall into the water. There is nothing wrong with this, only part of the process, from which it is also possible to enjoy.

12. Smile

Smile while surfing

Did you know that mood doesn’t just affect facial expressions, but vice versa? Even if you are very focused, smile because the only reason the surfing is worth it is the pleasure of the journey.

And in fact, there is nothing cuter than an adult staring seriously, sliding off a water slide on a piece of Styrofoam! Don’t forget that surfing is fun!


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