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    The Batik House of Surabaya

    Traditional batik is a very valuable legacy and is recognized by UNESCO because Batik is designated as an Indonesian heritage.If batik is owned by only a few regions, now almost every region has their own batik. Slowly, batik became an Indonesian identity. Each region has its own characteristics and patterns with their respective patterns. There are sixteen districts that have their own styles and variations such as Sumenep batik, Pamekasan batik, Sampang batik, Bangkalan batik, Surabaya batik, Sidoarjo batik, Lamongan batik, Tuban batik, Pasuruan batik, Malang batik, Batu batik, Jombang batik, Kediri batik , Pacitan batik, Banyuwangi batik, Jember batik and Tulungagung batik. If you walk in the city of…