• Gorontalo
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    15 Best Things to do in Gorontalo on Weekends

    Gorontalo is a province and city of the same name, which is Gorontalo city. Gorontalo province consists largely of mountainous area that stretches from north to south. The mountains and forests scenery is fabulous. This is homes to unique flora and fauna. In the southern part of Gorontalo Indonesia is Tomini Bay. Tomini crossed by the equator and naturally inhabited by diverse species of marine animals. This is a paradise for divers Here, there are several small islands scattered. Most islands are uninhabited and very beautiful white sand surrounds. Things to do in Gorontalo Pulo Cinta This is a mainstay of Indonesia’s international tourism in Gorontalo Province which is located in…

  • olele marine park
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    Olele Marine Park is The Best Diving Site in Gorontalo

    Olele Marine Park is a popular underwater tour in Gorontalo which has the advantage of underwater natural wealth and the beauty of coral reefs. Located in the village of Olele, District Kabila Bone, Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo Province. The distance is about 20 km from Gorontalo city center, or about 30 minutes to get to the olele tourist park. In every month, Olele Beach is always filled with local and foreign tourists. White sandy beach which is very close to residential areas. Clear water and well-maintained coral reefs. This is proof that the people around still care and understand the potential of the wealth that exists in their area. Colorful…