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    14 Best Things to do in Batam with Family or Friends

    Batam is a tropical city of Riau Islands Province, which has hilly terrain and valleys. Located about 20 km from Singapore, with a ferry from Singapore to Batam approximately 40 minutes. It would be a perfect weekend getaway near Singapore and things to do in Batam with family or friends. I heard from someone that Batam nightlife has been known as a dirty old men looking for showgirls to sleep with. But, I guess Batam island is famous as a place where people come to relax and get away from everything and a great place where you can enjoy water sports fun, fresh seafood, cheap Batam shopping, spa & massage affordable.…

  • kampar river
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    Kampar River: Surfing to conquer Bono Waves

    Kampar is a long river from Bukit Barisan mountains that forms like the backbone of Sumatra Island Indonesia . The length of river divides itself into two large branches known as Kampar Kanan and Kampar Kiri. In Teluk Meranti, Kampar River, Palalawan Regency, Riau, there is a natural phenomenon that makes world travelers and surfers curious. Its name is Bono Wave which can be used for surfing. Bono wave in Kampar River, Riau is one of the wonders of Indonesia. The waves can be as high as 4 to 6 meters and the wavelength reaches more than 300 meters. World surfers are competing to conquer it. Local residents were mostly…