• Moko hill
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    Moko Hill Bandung is a Popular Hill for Sunset and City Views

    Moko Hill Bandung became my main destination to enjoy the view of Bandung city from the top of the hill. This hill is a cool natural tourist of Bandung, you know. The height of Moko hill reaches 1500 meters above sea level. Located in Cimenyan village, Bandung, West Java. Suitable for honeymoon or visiting with a partner. To climb to Moko star hilltop isn’t so easy. However, when reached the top of the hill. There are exciting activities that you must do there. How to get to Moko Hill Bandung If you’re a solo travel. You can start the journey from Cicaheum station. From Bandung you can go to Cicaheum station…

  • Bridge of Love
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    Nusawiru Mangrove Pangandaran And Bridge of Love is A Nice Place in Batukaras

    If you are vacationing at Batukaras beach only to learn surfing, why not you try to exploring some tourist attractions like Nusawiru Mangrove Pangandaran and the Bridge of love? Why do they call Bridge of love? Actually its name is mangrove bridge. However, known as Bridge of Love because a lot of people “selfie” and hang out with partner. The bridge is boardwalk is made of wood that were built on the mangroves along Cijulang river. The river it same to flow through the Green Canyon. There, you can canoeing on a lake with the cost IDR 20.000 as much! You can also skydiving at Nusawiru Airport. Mangrove bridge are…

  • Darajat Pass Water Park Garut
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    Darajat Pass Water Park With A Hot Spring Pool in Garut

    Darajat Pass Water Park is a hot spring pool tourist attraction located in Bedeng Karyamekar Pasirwangi village, Garut District, West Java Province, Indonesia. This is a family vacation! My brothers and cousins, they didn’t go to school because the vacation is too long. Ok bruh, they (my family) prepared lunch to be there. At 8:00 a.m. July 8, 2017, we’re going to Darajat Pass Garut. so, from Tasikmalaya city to Garut is very close, maybe 4 hours to arrive. Hah… I just slept in the car and then see the sights city and tea gardens. If you’re a solo travel from Bandung, Jakarta and outside West Java or I don’t…

  • karang tawulan beach
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    Karang Tawulan Beach is Cheap Holidays

    Karang Tawulan Beach is located in Kalapagenep Village, Cikalong District, Sub-Tasikmalaya with a distance of about 90 kilometers from Tasikmalaya City. Karang Tawulan is a beautiful beach with a spread of various forms of mini coral islands that are full of exotic.After traveling from Batu Karas Beach and Pangandaran Beach, I always go here to add vacation moment with my friends. (At this beach, Ultraman’s battle against monsters takes place.) When it arrives at Karang Tawulan, then the striking sight is the robustness of the towering coral. If you look at the middle of the sea, you will see a small island called Nusa Manuk. There inhabited by a group…

  • Pangandaran Green Canyon
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    Green Canyon Pangandaran is River Flows Toward Heaven

    I leave a little time to visit Green Canyon Pangandaran while on vacation in Batu Karas Beach and Pangandaran Beach. Located in Kertayasa village, Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia. Sundanese (local language) gave name Pangandaran Green Canyon West Java as “Cukang Taneuh”. In Indonesian which means bridge, because through valleys and ravines are used by farmers to go gardening. Green Canyon is a Cijulang river flows through a cave flanked by hills, stones and trees. Things to do in Green Canyon Pangandaran are swimming, diving into the river from a height of 5 meters, rock climbing and Body Rafting which are favorite for visitors. You May Also Like: Nusa Penida…