14 Best Things to do in Batam with Family or Friends

Batam is a tropical city of Riau Islands Province, which has hilly terrain and valleys. Located about 20 km from Singapore, with a ferry from Singapore to Batam approximately 40 minutes.

It would be a perfect weekend getaway near Singapore and things to do in Batam with family or friends.

I heard from someone that Batam nightlife has known as a dirty old man looking for showgirls to sleep with.

Things to do in Batam

But, I guess Batam island is famous as a place where people come to relax and get away from everything and a great spot where you can enjoy water sports fun, fresh seafood, cheap Batam shopping, spa & massage affordable.

Another reason they flocked to Batam is for diving and snorkeling in clear waters and good visibility.

The Best Things to do in Batam on Weekend Trips Near Singapore

1. Scuba Diving

If you’re a beginner dive and wanted to get certified as professional divers, Batam Island is the perfect place.

scuba diving

Some of the best places to dive are Abang Island, Ghost Island, Labun Island, and Petong Island.

From Batam, you can sign up for the course and will be taken to neighboring islands by boat.

The visibility here is so clear that you can take a variety of underwater creatures. These the top spot if you like marine photography.

2. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Nagoya Hill mall claims to be the largest shopping center on the island. Things to do in Nagoya Batam are finding various items such as branded clothing and luxury accessories.

Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

You can also buy the popular Kue Lapis (layer cake), eat Ayam Penyet (crispy fried chicken) on the food street of Nagoya Hill.

3. Golf

You can enjoy not only one place but seven different in and around the area.

These include Batam Hills Golf Resort and Palm Springs Golf and Beach Resort, Indah Puri Golf Resort or you can go to Padang Golf Sukajadi which is the most famous.

All golf courses have connected bars and restaurants, you know. So you can eat or see beautiful dunes.

4. Water Sports

In other places like Singapore, water skiing beaches or wakeboarding are high.

But in Batam, you can enjoy it for a fraction of the price, and one of the best places to do this is in Batam Cable Ski Park.

Some of the activities offered here are canoeing, jet skiing, or even snorkeling. You can also go to other famous resorts like Batam View Beach Resort.

5. Go Massage

Honestly, I can’t recommend the best.

I mean, all massages are the same because I don’t get sponsors, right? lol

The difference is facility and budget.

So, if you feel tired. You can go to the nearest massage place. So that your muscles don’t feel shocked after a full day.

6. Fresh Seafood

Batam is also known for its cheap seafood. Maybe lobster and crab are familiar with seafood, right?

But, have you ever heard of Gonggong?


This is a delicious long nail snail, also a symbol of pride from Riau Islands Province.

As wrotten by Gonggong.id. This seafood is famous in Tanjung Pinang city, Batam.

Various recipes such as Gonggong teriyaki sauce, spicy-sweet, or boiled are the choice of guests who come.

7. Bintan Island

So many things to do in Bintan. The island is known as a luxury resort with a wealth of upscale resort fun to choose from.

If you don’t have a limited budget, then you can think of staying overnight or you can take a day trip to Bintan and enjoy the white sand and blue waters.

8. Home Stage on Water

Batam is already a modern city. But if you go to Batam old, you can find some of these stilt houses and the villages surrounding it.

One of the most famous villages for this type of traditional architecture is a fishing village in Tanjung Uma.

If you are interested in architecture and local culture, then this should not be missed.

9. A vacation to go Sunbathing

Nongsa Beach is the perfect place for sunbathing with luxury facilities.

This is a quiet white sand beach.

I mean, only some people are active here.

Maybe this is the right place to drink while watching the sunset.

10. Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple

It is a temple that has religious values that are strong to find inner peace.

The worshipers usually burn incense for luck.

You can also enjoy a colorful Buddha statue almost all corners of this building there is a statue of Maitreya Buddha’s high stature.

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11. Barelang Bridge

I thought I was living in San Francisco. This is in Batam.

Barelang is a bridge connecting Batam with Galang Island, also iconic sights to see the sunset.

12. Viovio Beach

It is a new exotic tourist destination in Batam, you know. Viovio almost the same as in the Caribbean which has a white sand beach.

Stunning views of the hills and come with a swing for you and Instagramable. It same in Tanjung Aan Beach Lombok.

13. Megawisata Ocarina Batam

It is a place of white sand beaches decorated with pine, a variety of games, a gazebo, outdoor stage.

When you arrive, you will see a zodiac statue that has a philosophy of yourself.

14. Forest cat’s eye tour

I think this is the place to see the millions of cats. However, this is the mini zoo.

Here, you can enjoy nature while seeing some of the fauna.

Also enjoyed by visitors for flying fox, hiking, and swimming surrounded by oxygen.


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