15 Best Things to do in Gorontalo on Weekends

Gorontalo is a province and city of the same name, which is Gorontalo city.

Gorontalo province consists largely of mountainous area that stretches from north to south. The mountains and forests scenery is fabulous. This is homes to unique flora and fauna.

In the southern part of Gorontalo Indonesia is Tomini Bay.

Tomini crossed by the equator and naturally inhabited by diverse species of marine animals. This is a paradise for divers

Here, there are several small islands scattered. Most islands are uninhabited and very beautiful white sand surrounds.

Things to do in Gorontalo

  1. Pulo Cinta

This is a mainstay of Indonesia’s international tourism in Gorontalo Province which is located in Boalemo District.

In english which mean’s Love island. Pulo Cinta Gorontalo dubbed “Maldives van Gorontalo”.

Things to do in Gorontalo

Island shaped like hearts is equipped with some very exclusive floating resort, and certainly shows the clear sea of charming exoticism.

It’s really beautiful when viewed sparkle stars at night without the aurora.

  1. Olele Marine Park

Olele Marine Park is one of the International Underwater Paradise in Bone Bolango District, Indonesia.

This is even familiar to the ears of European divers.

olele marine park

Marine Park Olele Salvador Dali is famous for its unique sponge, a sponge life that is not owned by other marine parks in the world, even in Bunaken marine park didn’t have any kind of sponge this one.

Sponges are named Salvador Dali for forms similar physical appearance of a painting by the famous painter Salvador Dalí.

  1. Saronde Island

Saronde island is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful coral reefs in the vicinity.

This is mainstay of Indonesia International Tourism located in Ponelo Sub-District, Kwandang, North Gorontalo District.

saronde island

Every year, the island becomes a place for cruise ships and yachts from all over the world.

In addition, there are 3 other neighboring islands, like Bogisa Island, Mohinggito, and Lampu Island.

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  1. Diyonumo Island

Diyonumo Island is a beautiful island in North Gorontalo within approximately 3 hours drive from the city center.

Located in Deme II Village, Sumalata, North Gorontalo District, Gorontalo.

The easy access to the tourist attractions of this Gorontalo known among locals as well as tourists from out of town or overseas.

diyonumo island

Diyonumo has a land structure similar to Kenawa Island, NTB with a small hill on the island.

There is a hill in this small island to climb up to the top. Trekking time is approximately 15 minutes to the top of Diyonumo Island hill.

A beautiful view is suitable for you who instragamble.

  1. Whale Shark Tourism

Botu Barani beach in Botu Barani Village, Bolango Bone district, Gorontalo become very popular among local and foreign tourists because of the existence of a group of whale sharks in the coastal area.

In fact, this is the best things to do in Gorontalo.

The existence of these docile sharks successfully attracted international tourist.

whale sharks tourism

Big fish in a cage is nothing like in the safari park or zoo.

You can see whale sharks and provide direct, you know. Or swim with him.

  1. Bajo Tribe Village (village above the sea level)

Bajo tribe village (Tilamuta, Torosiaje, Popayato) inhabited by the Bajau tribe who live in groups and have a unique culture and tradition, you know.

bajo tribe village

They live on the sea and the neat arrangement.

I mean that when first they lived in on wooden boats, here they live in houses that form a village.

Torosiaje village now already connected to the road made of wood with a blue canopy that protects from sun and rain.

These roads connect the houses that are there. If you wanna go there, we have to use a wooden ship from the dock within 600 meters past the mangrove forest that hides this place from the mainland.

They always make a craft in a wooden boat and work as a fisherman.

Bajo tribe who still live on a boat called “Stork”, they always go from one island to another in the end return to Toro Beach Island for the cultivation of pearls and seaweed.

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  1. Lombongo natural hot spring

Lombongo natural hot spring located in Lombongo Village, Suwawa, about 20 km from the city center.

Located in the middle of the forest has a natural hot spring bath, playground, and a stage for performing arts.

Lombongo natural hot spring

The hot springs containing sulfur that can cure skin diseases.

  1. Gorontalo Traditional House

Gorontalo Traditional House is a traditional house located in the center of Limboto sub-district, Gorontalo.

Gorontalo Traditional House

Literally “Bantayo” means building and “Poboide” means a meeting place.

Bantayo Poboide taken apart as Gorontalo culture that also serves as a venue for arts and cultural activities Gorontalo.

Bantayo has many rooms and each room has a different function. Ornaments on the walls symbolize every facet of the activities of its inhabitants.

  1. Karawo Center

Gorontalo District is one of the industrial centers of the typical traditional woven cloth Gorontalo named Karawo.

Karawo embroidery is a craft to decorate various types of fabric with various motifs of embroidery thread and color-warnil plain.

karawo center

Karawo embroidery-making process by way of slicing and retract yarn from fiber fabric that is so then embroidered with variegated yarn according to the design desired motif manually.

To create an embroidery pattern karawo takes 3 people with a different task.

  • The first person in charge of making patterns by drawing on graph paper.
  • The second person on duty as a slicer or degrading yarn to fabric to be made embroidery pattern made karawo appropriate.
  • The third person served as a fabric that has been parsed Embroidery thread.

Karawo craft is a typical Gorontalo craft which has been developing for a long time, since the 16th century.

  1. Otanaha Fortress

In the past this form of the former Portuguese colonial heritage. Otanaha Fortress, used by the King of Gorontalo as a place of refuge and defense.

Otanaha Fortress

The uniqueness of the castle visible is the material used to build the castle mixture of sand, plaster, and Maleo egg whites.

Limboto lake scenery can be seen clearly from here, because it is on top of the plateau.

Precisely, in Dembe I, Kota Barat, about 8 km from Gorontalo city center.

There are two more fortresses located in the same area, namely Otahiya and Ulupahu Palace. Visitors must pass through the 345 stairs to reach it.

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  1. Walima Gold Mosque

This mosque was built at an altitude of 250 feet above sea level, Gorontalo Walima Gold Mosque is not just a place of worship for Muslims.

Walima gold Mosque

The uniqueness of the buildings built in a location surrounded by a green landscape into a magnet for people who visit.

Located in the mountains in Bongo Village, Batudaa Pantai Sub-District, Gorontalo District, Gorontalo.

This is the best things to do in Gorontalo for Muslim travelers.

  1. Leato White Sand

Leato is a white sandy beach that will give a refreshing impression for you.

Here you can look in the process of repair of wooden boats in the traditional way.

Underwater life in this place is quite interesting.

Beautiful coral reefs, and a unique fishing vessel has become an attraction for divers. This beach is located in North Leato, about 12 km from the city center.

  1. Ayuhulalo Waterfall (Moon Forest)

The waterfall is located in the village Ayuhulalo Ayuhulalo, Tilamuta. It is about 5 km from Boalemo District.

Ayuhulalo Waterfall

The environment is fresh because there is a shady green forest with fresh water around it.

  1. Bolihuto Beach

Bolihuto beaches have white sand beach with calm waters and clear.

Here really feel comfortable and relaxed, swimming, boating, and diving.

Along the coast, there are palm and pine trees. In addition, this beach has several luxury resorts.

  1. Bitila Marine Park

In addition to Olele Marine Park. Bitila Marine Park has several dive sites with underwater scenery is amazingly beautiful.

Bitila island

The place is just 15 minutes from Bolihuto Beach.


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