These 9 Tips Will Make Long-haul Flights Comfortable

Will you be traveling solo overseas on a long-haul flight?

Flying for a long duration is tiring and makes the body tired, achy, and so bored.

Don’t worry! If you have to make a long-haul flight because there are things you can do to make your flight enjoyable.

Tips Long-haul Flights

1. Check In Online

Flights to Europe or Asia will take a while. For that, you should check-in online and choose a comfortable chair. If you frequently go to the toilet, it is advisable to choose a seat on the side (near the aisle).

It’s easier for you to go to the toilet. Also, it is advisable to choose a seat close to the wing in case of turbulence. This part of the chair has had minimal effect.

2. Neck Pillows

Bringing neck pillows, earplugs, and eye patches is the best thing. If you are going to travel long distances by plane.

The equipment will make you comfortable. A neck pillow prevents your neck from hurting while sleeping. Earplugs will keep you out of noise, and eye patches will keep your eyes from dazzling.

3. Comfortable Clothes

Because traveling for a long time, you should wear comfortable clothes. Wear trousers (which are not jeans), a t-shirt, jumper or jacket with a head covering.

A jacket with a head covering will protect your head from cold air. Don’t forget to wear socks too, so your feet don’t get cold.

4. Drinking-Water

Long-haul flights usually offer a variety of beverages, including alcoholic beverages. You should only drink mineral water.


Because alcoholic drinks or soda will dehydrate you, and this will make you feel tired quickly.

5. Bring A Book or Gadget

While on long-haul flights, it isn’t recommended to sleep for a long time because it will make the body tired.

You should bring your favorite book or your best gadget to get rid of boredom. You can also choose an airline that has complete entertainment facilities for its passengers.

So you can watch movies or listen to your favorite songs while on the go.

6. Bring Enough Stuff

If you are going on a long-haul flight, you should avoid carrying a lot of luggage into the cabin.


Because besides being able to disturb your comfort (and other passengers). Too many items will make your legroom narrow, and this will bother you along the way.

7. Secure Valuables

We recommend that you keep your valuables in the very innermost bag.

I recommend you also bring a waist bag or waist bag/sling bag to store objects such as cash, cellphones, wallets, credit cards, and passports.

8. Flight Class Upgrade

If you are in the frequent flyer category on an airline, you can take advantage of the feature to upgrade your flight class.

Upgrading your flight class, you will get a more comfortable seat, and you can enjoy your trip even more.

9. Take care of health

Remember to take care of your health. Long-haul flights can make you feel tired. So get enough sleep, and also consume fruits (and vegetables) to keep your body healthy.

Here are nine tips to make your long-haul flights comfortable.

Did you have any other tips on the go?

Come on, share the tips that you know in the comments below.


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