Tolukko Fort is Still intact in Ternate

Indonesia not only has beautiful mountains and beaches. You know in Ternate, North Maluku has exotic historical buildings.

The fortress is Tolukko.

Tolukko Fort is a Portuguese fort that is located in Sangadji Village, North Ternate District, Ternate City, North Maluku Province, Indonesia.

Tolukko Fort

Tolukko Fort was built in 1540 by a Portuguese commander named Francisco Serao. The fort was renovated in 1610 by VOC Governor Pieter Both, and restored by P Van Der Crab in 1864.

Stand on the frozen stone foundation. It consists of 3 fortresses, a basement, an inner courtyard, alleys and a main square building. Construction is made of a mixture of river stone, coral, brick with a mixture of limestone and sand.

Once known as Fort Hollandia and Fort Saint Lucas, the fort’s condition is intact. Especially after restoration in 1996-1997. Not far from the fort’s entrance, a small room displays quite complete information about this fort.

Looking through every corner of Tolukko Fortress is truly exciting. Imagination was brought to the past when the fortress was attacked by enemies from the sea on the west side.

Feelings of battle seemed to appear in plain sight. The troops stand by to strengthen their defenses and counterattack. Until the sound of the cannon boom, screams, arise spirit and courage.

And at that time, you were a Warlord.

Hey my troops, get ready for war!! Infantry Formation, Cavalry is coming!!

Infantry: so, what will you do?

Warlord: i will take my popcron.

infantry: watdafak! are you kidding me?

Warlord: No! haha haha haha!!!

Especially when it is at the top of the fort. You can see the blue graded sea view combined with the sky. On the back side there is the beauty of Mount Gamalama which towers over every surrounding island.

Tolukko fortress

In the fort area there is also a beautiful, green, and clean garden. The green grass stretches wide with colorful flowers. Suitable as a photo place with a background in the park and the back of the fort.

To reach this place, a traveler can go to the location by public transportation. The distance is very close to the city center, about three kilometers.

From Ternate station you can use public transportation you can rent a private vehicle there.


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