10 Traveling Tips for Ulcer Sufferers

Busy activities make travelers often forget to eat, and they’ll change their dietary habits during the holidays. If you eat irregularly, the stomach acid will increase and cause ulcers.

Especially if you have chronic gastritis, never too late to eat, even for a minute. It would make the activity during the holidays can be disrupted.

Bloating and belching are the symptoms of ulcers that you will feel while traveling. The stomach becomes cramps and nausea.

If you have an ulcer, you have to be careful. So, if you don’t want an ulcer to recur while on vacation, you should follow some of the tips below so you can still travel comfortably.

1. Avoid eating large portions

Culinary tourism is the main activity while on vacation to a place, if the destination you visit has delicious culinary delights.

It’s best to avoid consuming large amounts of food because the stomach will suddenly work hard. It’s better to eat small portions.

This method can maintain your food portions. Your mealtime won’t change if you consistently do it. You’re also not advised to eat too fast because this can hinder your digestive system.

2. Reduce food triggers for ulcers

When traveling, it must be difficult for you to resist the temptation to taste the culinary delights in front of you. However, for ulcer sufferers to avoid all foods that can trigger an ulcer recurrence. Some foods that can lead to stomach acid rises are soda, caffeinated drinks, fatty foods, and spicy foods.

3. Drink lots of water

It might be considered trivial, even though drinking enough water can help lower stomach acid levels, you know. Drinking water can also keep the body hydrated while traveling. When it’s summer vacation, it’s better to drink water often.

4. Always prepare ulcer medication in the bag

You should always provide ulcer medication in your bag to anticipate a sudden recurrence of ulcers. Ulcer medication itself functions to neutralize stomach acid levels, especially when you start to feel ulcer symptoms.

5. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight

Did you know that clothes can also be one of the causes of increased stomach acid? Yep, clothes that are too tight like bottoms or wearing a belt that is too tight can press the stomach and up into the esophagus. So, you should wear loose and comfortable clothes so that the holiday is fun and enjoyable.

6. Eat before doing activities

Too late to eat is the cause of ulcer disease. If you don’t want your vacation moments to be sad because you have to feel pain from a recurring ulcer, you shouldn’t let your stomach empty.

It is important to eat first before starting to travel somewhere. Even if your stomach doesn’t feel hungry yet, you still have to keep it filled.

Choose foods that are filling so you won’t feel hungry while on the way. Even so, don’t eat foods that can trigger acid reflux when your stomach is empty.

Foods such as whole grains, and rich in protein are the best foods for ulcer sufferers.

7. Always provide snacks

Apart from providing medicine, you also have to prepare snacks in a bag. Snacks can be used as a solution when you feel hungry on the way if you haven’t found the nearest restaurant.

8. Avoid lying down after eating

It is often by the traveler lying down after eating is very bad for the digestion.

The digestive system will be disturbed and can cause stomach ulcers. If you feel tired, you should lean back enough to leg supine position.

9. Eat Chewing Gum

Chew gum (low-sugar / sugar-free) for 30 minutes after eating your food. According to research, when chewing gum, saliva will increase and provide a 10-12-fold increase in production compared to un-stimulated saliva.

So that it can neutralize and prevent stomach acid from increasing after eating.

10. Use High Bearings

When sleeping at night, always keep your head higher than your stomach. It is useful to keep stomach contents by holding the valve that separates the throat and esophagus.

If your worried pillows in the hotel are not too thick or tall, you can bring a travel pillow.

A travel pillow that folds so it doesn’t take up as much space on your suitcase. Sleeping with your head higher is effective in preventing you from snoring while sleeping.

Those are traveling tips for travelers who have ulcer disease. If you feel heartburn symptoms when traveling, you should go to the doctor to check.

Have a good vacation!!!

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