Nirwana Beach in Baubau Has 3 Unique of Sea Water

Nirwana Beach is one of the beaches that is included in the list of beautiful tourism objects in Indonesia. The beach with a stretch of white sand along 1km and surrounded by interesting spots. It is located in Sula Village, Betoambari District, Bau-Bau, Buton, Southeast Sulawesi Province.

That means this beach is located near other vacation destinations such as Buton Palace Fortress and Kamali Beach.

Nirwana Beach Bau-bau
Pic by uncle_syaf

If you’re lucky when visiting in the summer, Nirwana Beach has a very beautiful color gradation with a blend of white sand, Tosca green and sea blue.

You know, this happened since morning it looks different. Sometimes bluish, green and yellowish green.

This is a curiosity for local and foreign tourists who come in the area nicknamed The Thousand Fortress City.

The beauty of Nirwana Beach is similar to Kuta Beach in Bali.

The waves on this beach are very calm, even without coral.

All you have to do is dive, swim, sunbathe, walk along the beach, watch the sunset and sunrise.

When sunset or sunrise, this can make a romantic moment with your partner and make the gallery on your smartphone full.

However, I don’t recommend it for Solo Travel. In my opinion it’s too sad. I’m so sorry bro, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. lol

Not only that, the fishermen on holiday since morning have been on standby. Fresh fish caught from the surrounding sea, they are waiting for visitors who will burn fish on the beach.

If you walk through the hills that surround, Nirwana Beach will be clearly visible stretch of white sand. Most of the island of Bali will be clearly seen from the direction of the hill that already has access to the highway.

You know, according to local residents’ belief that this sea water can be a therapeutic treatment.

Asthma and other respiratory disorders can be cured only by bathing a few times, sea water is believed to reduce and even cure asthma and other illnesses.

In addition, around location of the beach, there is a new spot is Goa Moko. This location is similar to brackish water baths that can be used as a bath.

Nirwana Beach

Sunbathing on white sand is the best choice in Kamali Beach. Wakatobi National Park is also great for diving and snorkeling when you are vacation in Southeast Sulawesi.

Not only that, around the Moko cave there are two artificial reef houses that are deliberately held to lure sea turtles and various species of fish.

How to go to Nirwana Beach

Air, sea and land transportation everything it’s ok.

To go Bau-Bau, you must use an airplane to Makassar City first and fly again to Bau-Bau by using Lion Air and Express Air with 4 flights a day in a week.

From Bau Bau Airport, the time needed is around 5 to 10 minutes. There are many signposts that give information about the location of the beach. You can use a taxi to get to your destination. If you want to enjoy more, you can use a motorcycle taxi that is ready to take you anywhere until your head is dizzy.

There is also a journey from Kendari City to Buton Regency in about 13 hours and the distance is 228 km. It takes longer if you come from other areas such as Jakarta, which means you need to get on an airplane first to Haluoleo Airport in Kendari.

After arriving, continue to ride local vehicles and arrive at Muna Island using a speedboat. In Raha City, take another boat to Buton Island. Your final destination is Bau-Bau City, the location of Nirwana Beach.


Nirwana Accommodation

Nirwana Accommodations

For foreign tourists, lodging places such as villas, cottages, resorts, all facilities are available. Even star hotels available for tourists.

So, for those who wanna spend all day it will not be difficult to get lodging.

If you feel tired, you can break or enjoy culinary in the gazebo or cottage that was built in line along the beach.


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